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After the Iron Bone Iguana was summoned, it seemed to have felt uncomfortable with its neck and started to habitually shake its neck. Since the huge bump grew on the right side of the neck, it was clearly a considerable burden for it.

This situation made the Iron Bone Iguana, a defense-type fey, unable to quickly respond to attacks on the right side of its body when defending.

Lin Yuan used Morbius’ True Data to check the Iron Bone Iguana’s attributes.

[Fey Name]: Iron Bone Iguana

[Fey Species]: Iguanidae/Huge Iguana

[Fey Grade]: Platinum (9/10)

[Fey Type]: Earth

[Fey Quality]: Fantasy I

Lin Yuan found that there was nothing wrong with the Iron Bone Iguana’s basic attributes. However, his pupils shrank when he saw the True Data about the cause of the mutation at the neck of the Iron Bone Iguana.

It could be said that this Iron Bone Iguana was giving itself a ladder toward the peak through mutation. But as the Iron Bone Iguana’s contractor, Zhou Luo was not in a position to send it to the bottom of the mountain peak and let it climb against the mountain peak.

As for the pure fire-element energy needed to make this Iron Bone Iguana undergo metamorphosis, as stated in True Data, Lin Yuan had a lot.

The Scorching Elemental Shellfish in Morbius’ Spirit Lock spatial zone would produce an elemental pearl containing pure fire-element energy every few minutes.

However, the main flower of the Heaven and Earth Fey, the Twin Red Pagoda, was not as powerful as the Floating Island Whale at the absorption of the fire-element energy.

The speed of the elemental pearls produced by the Scorching Elemental Shellfish was faster than that of the absorption by the Twin Red Pagoda’s main flower.

So every once in a while, Lin Yuan had to collect these elemental pearls that contained pure fire-element energy, and he had collected nearly 500 of them.

These elemental pearls were also considered to be his rarer resource reserves at present.

At this time, Lin Yuan heard a peal of loud and unrestrained laughter. He saw Freezing Cold pointing at the Iron Bone Iguana with a disdainful face and said, “I didn’t expect you to have an affinity toward lizard-species feys like me. However, this deformed lizard of yours is too weak! My fey can bite it to death with just one bite.”

After saying that, Freezing Cold circulated his spiritual energy and summoned his two lizard-species main feys.

Zhou Luo’s Iron Bone Iguana was seven meters long because it was a Huge Iguana genus. However, in front of the two feys that Freezing Cold summoned, the Iron Bone Iguana instantly became very tiny.

Although the Bucktooth Terror Skink’s body length was also seven meters, it looked very strong. Its bulging muscles and mouth full of sharp teeth were enough to show its valiant attack power.

Even though the other Swordtooth Lizard Dragon’s grade and quality were inferior to the Bucktooth Terror Skink, the Swordtooth Lizard

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