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Chapter 433: Creation Breed

It wasn’t easy for feys to interact with humans. Many feys wanted to interact with humans normally and even had to be promoted to Suzerain to do so.

It was a rare thing for Wind Speech Sparrows to use the wind to simulate sound to communicate with humans when they were at Normal.

Furthermore, after the Wind Speech Sparrows reached Bronze, they would evolve into Wind Chain Sparrows.

The Wind Chain Sparrows could manipulate the wind element to form chains to bind and pull on the target. It was considered a kind of support-type fey with stronger control abilities.

High-grade Wind Chain Sparrows’ Wind Chains could even help the contractor catch feys or spiritual materials at the bottom of the sea.

For spirit qi professionals who made a living at the seaside, it was a rare fey.

Even if Lin Yuan could raise these five Wind Speech Sparrows to Bronze/Epic, it couldn’t help them grow better.

Therefore, finding five good owners and five suitable Willpower Runes for them was also a way to find the best future for these five Wind Speech Sparrows.

Lin Yuan channeled his spiritual power and injected a large amount of spirit qi into their bodies. When these five Wind Speech Sparrows’ grades constantly rose until they reached Elite/Epic, Lin Yuan found that his palm was obviously a bit crowded when he held up these five little guys.

Their feathers were not really gorgeous. All of them had a light-greenish hue, with a black line on their back.

When Lin Yuan broke through these five Wind Speech Sparrows’ grades from Elite to Bronze, they underwent a rapid metamorphosis.

Lin Yuan saw that the four of the five little guys on his palm were still light green, but the feathers on their bodies became as strong as bone plates. Their sharp beak and claws also became sharper.

The black line on their backs grew a row of feathers that could greatly enhance their speed like the edge of a knife.

However, one of the Wind Speech Sparrows’ bodies suddenly turned white when it reached Bronze, while the rest of its body was not much different from the other four Wind Chain Sparrows. Lin Yuan knew that this Wind Speech Sparrow had mutated when it had been promoted.

He raised these five little fellows’ grades and quality to Bronze X/Epic and used Morbius’ True Data to check the white Wind Chain Sparrow’s attribute.

[Fey Name]: Wind Net Sparrow

[Fey Species]: Ploceidae/Sparrow

[Fey Grade]: Bronze (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Wind

[Fey Quality]: Epic

After checking the attributes, Lin Yuan realized that the Wind Chain Sparrow had mutated into a Wind Net Sparrow.

In his opinion, he wasn’t sure whether such a mutation should be described as good or bad. However, its benefits should outweigh the disadvantages.

According to its grade, the Wind Chain Sparrow could usually make a varying number of wind chains according to its grade to control and attack. However, the Wind Net Spa

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