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Chapter 430: Indigo Azure Sea Market

When Listen heard Lin Yuan’s words, he frowned slightly and pondered.

After pondering for a long time, Listen suddenly smiled and said, “The Zheng family is a veteran faction. As one of the three major factions in Indigo Azure City, they could be said to be supreme.

“If I were the Zheng family’s Young Master Zheng and I suddenly found that the target I want to kill returned to Indigo Azure City from the Royal Capital alive, even if the Zheng family could determine that the pinnacle king-class expert sent out has died, they would at most only suspect that the death is related to me but can’t confirm it.

“The shallow near-shore sea is imperative to the Zheng family. I think the Zheng family will send experts to kill me again.”

When Lin Yuan heard Listen’s words, he asked, “Then what kind of expert do you think the Zheng family will send to attack you?”

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, the Zheng family would definitely send an expert to attack Listen, but the main purpose of that would not necessarily be for Listen to die immediately.

Rather, it was to prove whether or not the death of the pinnacle king-class expert that they had sent had anything to do with Listen. This was frankly a test.

Someone who could silently kill a pinnacle king-class expert with Diamond X/Fantasy IV fey at least had emperor-class strength. No veteran faction would casually use an emperor-class expert.

Before the Zheng family was sure how strong the emperor-class expert that had killed the pinnacle king-class expert really was, they would never let their own emperor-class experts easily take risks.

The loss of a pinnacle king-class expert must have been very painful for the Zheng family. Thus, in Lin Yuan’s opinion, the Zheng family’s king-class expert shouldn’t be too strong and was at most at Fei Qianqiong’s level. The Zheng family must have been ready to lose a king-class expert for this scouting attempt.

Listen answered Lin Yuan’s question, “I can’t say what kind of expert the Zheng family will send. It should be either a king-class or emperor-class expert. The king-class expert is more likely.”

Listen paused for a moment and then added, “But I know Young Master won’t let the Zheng family kill me.”

Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows and replied, “That’s for sure.”

Besides the resources that Lin Yuan could invest in Listen, if the Zheng family killed listen, Lin Yuan would have made ducks and drakes of his previous effort.

In addition, Listen had issued an allegiance oath to Lin Yuan and was a part of Lin Yuan’s private faction, Sky City. Lin Yuan wouldn’t let the Zheng family lay hands on the members of his own faction.

“Listen, since you’ve returned to Indigo Azure City from the Royal Capital, you naturally have to return to the old mansion.”

After Lin Yuan finished speaking to Listen, he turned to Endless Summer, who was sitting beside him in a lotus position, and said, “Endles

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