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Chapter 432: Wind Speech Sparrow

Before he could spread Red Thorn’s sea of flowers underwater to uncover the secrets of this shallow near-shore sea, Red Thorn undoubtedly needed to devour more flesh of Gold water world dimensional lifeforms so that its water-type exhalation ability could be inherited from the ortet to the child ramet.

This all depended on whether he could purchase the flesh of Gold water world dimensional lifeforms at tomorrow’s Indigo Azure Sea Market. Lin Yuan was looking forward to the Indigo Azure Sea Market the next day.

He needed to gather the resources that he needed to use before going to bed.

Each Indigo Azure Sea Market was the accumulation of ten years of Indigo Azure City, a giant city by the sea. Therefore, if there were any precious feys or rare spiritual materials in the Indigo Azure Sea Market and he couldn’t get any bargaining chips, it would be embarrassing for Lin Yuan.

At that moment, he noticed Liu Jie, who was eating the charcoal-grilled octopus balls, frowning more and more. After chewing the last octopus ball on the stick and swallowing it, the corner of Liu Jie’s mouth twitched, revealing a hint of disdain.

Upon seeing that, Lin Yuan hurriedly asked, “Big Brother Liu, is there any problem?”

Liu Jie first nodded and then shook his head. Immediately afterward, Liu Jie replied, “The store owner added some seaweed to this octopus ball. If the seaweed was boiled in water, it’d taste better after dipped in sauce.

“But apart from the octopus fat in this octopus ball, the store owner also added some lard, which makes the freshness of the seaweed fishy.

“Furthermore, the octopus tentacles in the octopus balls are too shredded. It’s not al dente when chewing.

“Also, in the honey sauce of the barbecue brush, there’s obviously too much water added to the Flower Spot Bee’s honey, resulting in the honey sauce not becoming mellow enough.”

Lin Yuan froze as he heard Liu Jie say so much. This special guesthouse was very famous in Indigo Azure City, and the special barbecued seafood was even its signature dish.

Although it didn’t feel as good as the meat skewers Liu Jie grilled inside the mansion, it was still okay.

Liu Jie was a great chef, after all. He could find so many shortcomings in the octopus balls with just a casual tasting—what a good tongue.

At that moment, Lin Yuan noticed the hand of the lady boss, who was standing near his table and pouring snow-clam soup to the customers on another table, had frozen. Apparently, this lady boss had overheard their discussion, and the warm smile on her face had frozen a bit.

Lin Yuan didn’t think there was anything wrong with the taste of these octopus balls. But after listening to Liu Jie’s review and then tasting the octopus balls, Lin Yuan instead tasted the taste of lard within.

Based on Lin Yuan’s experience of eating Black Back Mountain Boar all year round, the lard inside the octopus balls obviously cam

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