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Chapter 552: Beautiful and Magnificent Pearls

Li Xiaotiao had only recently joined the group and hadn’t met Lin Yuan before that.

Now, it was his first time seeing Lin Yuan.

However, because Lin Yuan had been surrounded by many group members in the Purchase With No Loss store the previous time, the image of him wearing his strange mask had also spread through the fan club.

Li Xiaotiao glanced at Duan He with suspicion, who was staring at the group admin. Suddenly, a strange idea entered his mind.

His uncle was so powerful and not past middle age. By logic, he shouldn’t have had to worry about his son anymore.

Yet, Duan He had never found a wife for himself.

Could it be...?

Li Xiaotiao’s mind spun quickly while his heart sounded an alarm.

After he got home that night and received a beating from his mother, he would have to relay his discovery to her. Otherwise, when his uncle found himself a male partner, his mother might not be able to accept it.

Duan He wasn’t aware of what was running through his nephew’s mind. Nevertheless, even if he did know, he wouldn’t have been in the mood to kick Li Xiaotiao.

Duan He realized that although the masked youth before him was dressed in completely different clothes from the youth he had seen outside of Indigo Azure City, they both radiated the same special aura.

Moreover, Duan He had paid special attention to the strange mask on Lin Yuan’s face at that time.

This mask was extremely special as it had the majestic sky city engraved on it. Duan He was certain that he would not mistake this mask for another one.

Just by looking at this mask, Duan He would not have been able to confirm Lin Yuan’s identity.

However, Listen, who was standing beside Lin Yuan, was not wearing a mask. Hence, Duan He could clearly see his face.

After looking at Listen, Duan He soon confirmed that the masked youth before him was indeed the same one he had met outside of Indigo Azure City.

At the same time, Duan He also confirmed that this youth was the owner of the Purchase With No Loss store and the Moon Empress’ disciple.

When he finally realized the Purchase With No Loss store’s owner’s true identity, he felt a tingling sensation at the back of his head.

Duan He scanned the others seated in the store. It was possible that besides Listen, only he knew about the youth’s true identity.

If others knew that the Purchase With No Loss store’s owner was the Moon Empress’ disciple, they definitely wouldn’t have dared to sit on the stools that the youth had just arranged.

After confirming the youth’s identity, Duan He finally knew why there were 9,9 purity heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls in the group welfare.

Only the Moon Empress’ disciple could so easily take out such a precious good that even pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters relied on luck to cultivate.

Soon after, Duan He returned to his senses. If the Moon Empress’ di

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