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Chapter 549: Duan He Breathes Raggedly

Duan He was stunned when he saw the message from Recluse Study.

What? Did this brat find himself a Master?

Duan He’s first reaction was to wonder if his naive nephew had been scammed, but he soon remembered how devious his nephew was.

Rather than being worried that his nephew was scammed, he should be more worried that his nephew was scamming someone else.

When has my nephew ever gotten the short end of the stick? Wait. Is he trying to scam me too?

Other than the rare Class 3 Creation Masters, all the people who had attained a title and had come to be known by that title were Class 4 Creation Masters.

As long as a Class 4 Creation Master was willing to accept his nephew as a disciple, there would only be gains and no losses.

Even if he was only a disciple in name, he would already be able to receive the teachings of a Class 4 Creation Master.

As long as his nephew could learn from the Class 4 Creation Master and use the knowledge to strengthen his own skills, Duan He did not mind if his nephew was an in-name or direct disciple.

Duan He had no idea which Class 4 Creation Master his nephew was able to snag.

His nephew spent five hours every day on Star Tower and had reached level 60 at least.

Did he meet the Class 4 Creation Master in one of the matches on Star Tower?

This thought seemed ludicrous to Duan He.

Even if the Class 4 Creation Master was not skilled at fighting, their feys could sustain a significant amount of damage.

Cut Off The Flowing River: “Where did you find a Master?”

Recluse Study was slightly regretting messaging his uncle privately.

All of the available group members had come online, and the group welfare auction was going to start in three minutes.

However, his uncle was asking questions incessantly.

How am I supposed to watch the show if I’m too busy answering all my uncle’s questions?

Recluse Study decided to go for the quick fix.

Recluse Study: “We met in a group chat.”

Duan He was shocked by Recluse Study’s reply.

What kind of group chat allows you to chat up a Class 4 Creation Master into becoming your Master? This is like a blind man going fishing and ending up with Heaven and Earth Rouge Queen Scallop.

Cut Off The Flowing River: “What group chat? How does that land you a Class 4 Creation Master as a Master? Don’t lie to me! Otherwise, I’ll tell your mother about how you got your staff to do all your holiday homework. She’ll beat you up!”

His uncle’s message almost drove Recluse Study mad.

Those two things are completely irrelevant! We were just talking. Why did he have to use such a cruel tactic? If my mother finds out that I had help finishing my homework, I’ll never recover from the beating she’s sure to give me.

Recluse Study wanted to argue, but the group welfare auction was starting in one minute!

Recluse Study decided to lay in the bed h

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