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Chapter 551: Offline, In-Person Auction

Recluse Study kept waiting for others to ask about his gossip so that he could spill everything.

However, his uncle had just entered the group. Not only did Recluse Study not dare to share his gossip happily, but he also felt that he had closed up completely.

Yun Xi did not bother with this issue but started speaking to Lin Yuan in the chat.

Stream in the Cloud: “@Deep Mountain Elder Lin, group admin, your group welfare this time was so good. Why don’t we stop auctioning in the group chat?”

Stream in the Cloud: “We could go to the Purchase With No Loss store to hold a heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearl auction.”

Lin Yuan was just about to stop the constantly refreshing group notifications and conduct the group welfare auction on heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls.

However, upon seeing Stream in the Cloud’s words, he only felt annoyed.

The 12 heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls were to be auctioned as a bundle in the group welfare auction.

Hence, they could only be considered one auction good.

Auctioning one good was already enough to throw the entire Purchase With No Loss store into a state of restlessness.

Moreover, the Purchase With No Loss store was a one-star store. Although the store had long accumulated enough points, Lin Yuan had still not upgraded it all this time.

If everyone congregated in the small area of the Purchase With No Loss store, wouldn’t it become a ‘primary school class gathering’?

Lin Yuan was about to say that the auction would be carried out in the group chat when he realized that.

Almost everyone in the group agreed with Stream in the Cloud’s—in other words, the braised egg head’s—opinion.

Amongst those who entered the Purchase With No Loss store first, Buddha-Tempered Person, Violent-Tempered Woman, and Zhou Jiaxin all @ Lin Yuan.

They hoped that he could regard this group welfare auction as a networking activity for members of the Purchase With No Loss store’s fan group.

Lin Yuan was fine with it as he didn’t have anything urgent to attend to at the moment.

Since the members had been chatting for so long in the group and were so eager to take this as an opportunity to get to know each other, Lin Yuan was naturally willing to grant and create this opportunity.

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “Everyone, come to the Purchase With No Loss store then. I’ll open the entry access.”

After issuing this news, Lin Yuan hurriedly visited a Star Web furniture store near his Purchase With No Loss store and bought 100 common wooden chairs.

These chairs cost 200 Federation dollars each and could only be used within Star Web. They could be considered the most common piece of furniture on Star Web.

When Lin Yuan had first opened the Purchase With No Loss store, he had come to this same furniture store to see furniture.

Back then, he had been itching to spend a penny as 100 dollars

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