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Chapter 548: I’ve Found My Master

Recluse Study: “Uncle, do you still remember the small premium-goods store on Star Web that you recommended I visit to buy Flower Brocade Pearls?”

At present, Duan He was still in Indigo Azure City, helping the two Spirit Guard Envoys kill some of the advanced water world dimensional lifeforms during the active stage of the dimensional rift.

At the same time, he was also entering each open dimensional rift to scrape source-type items for supplies.

Even if Duan He was an emperor-class expert with extraordinary power, it required frequent struggle to kill high-grade dimensional lifeforms between active dimensional rifts that could appear anywhere, which made him feel unusually tired.

Part of the reason Duan He worked so hard was indeed because the degree of spatial fluctuation in the active stage of this dimensional rift was much greater than those of previous ones.

Even if the two Guard Envoys brought close to 1,000 Spirit Guards to work together with Indigo Azure City’s Indigo Azure Guards, there would still be slightly insufficient manpower.

Secondly, Duan He was really in short supply of resources during this period.

This had already put him under a significant amount of stress.

At that moment, no one hated Jiao Hanzhong more than Duan He. He was the one who had lent the expensive spiritual ingredients that Jiao Hanzhong’s main fey Cold Snow Pine needed to evolve to Myth II.

At that time, Jiao Hanzhong had given Duan He a relatively good return price and had thickened his skin to speak to the latter many times.

Only then had Duan He been willing to lend his spiritual ingredients to Jiao Hanzhong.

However, Duan He never would have thought that Jiao Hanzhong would actually renege on their deal.

Duan He really didn’t know who to visit to collect the debt.

He couldn’t possibly go to the Zheng family, could he?

Before considering whether the Zheng family would repay their debt, just by looking at the fact that they had lost two emperor-class experts consecutively, it was very likely that they would see Duan He as a ready-made punching bag if he were to go to them now.

By that time, he wouldn’t be able to recover not only his precious feys but also the billions of ashes that remained on his nose.

Duan He’s natural endowment was considered relatively strong. Besides his Diamond X/Fantasy V Sword Plume Sea Hawk, he had two other feys. These two feys were both main feys that had attained the pinnacle Suzerain/Myth I, one step away from Myth II.

Duan He didn’t have the slightest clue how he would obtain the money required for his two feys to evolve from Suzerain/Myth I to Suzerain/Myth II.

Moreover, he had comprehended another Willpower Rune under the moonlight a few days ago.

His spiritual energy could continue to contract feys. To comprehend one more Willpower Rune was equivalent to the need to contract and cultivate a

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