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Chapter 479: Enhancing the Elemental Shellfish

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but put his hand on his forehead.

After each enhanced bloodline relationship with the Floating Island Whale, a large amount of blood in his body would be absorbed by the crystal eggshell of the Floating Island Whale, causing him to feel like his body was being emptied.

With Gray now, that was simply a double of being emptied and double the ‘pleasure’.

Lin Yuan felt that he should really ask Zhang Xiaobai’s care tips sometime later, and how he faced the Bloody Leech’s destruction.

Otherwise, no matter how strong a youth’s physique was, he couldn’t withstand the two Heaven and Earth Feys, the Floating Island Whale and the Sky-Clouded Crane!

Although he was against the idea, his body was incredibly honest!

He had already started to enhance the bloodline with the Sky-Clouded Crane, Gray.

He deliberately used the blood from his tongue for the first time, just like the first time he had enhanced the bloodline with the Floating Island Whale. Nearly two hours passed before he completed enhancing the bloodline with Gray and the Floating Island Whale.

During this time, Lin Yuan relied on his Jasmine Lily as it used its main flower to release life force and restore the qi and blood in his body.

But given his current state of being like a faucet, he would be dried up even if he were a swimming pool.

After Lin Yuan swayed in place, he sat on the ground. He let the Jasmine Lily use its Heal on him for three minutes without bothering about its side effects.

Due to the dizziness from blood loss, that extreme comfort nearly made him fall asleep in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, but after waking up from that extreme comfort, he recovered from the dizziness due to the blood loss.

Previously, when Morbius had been channeling the spirit qi in the spirit qi crystals to Gray to strengthen its genetic model, there was still a portion of spirit qi left.

Morbius asked Lin Yuan, “Yuan, Gray only consumed a trace of energy in the 31st energy crystal.

“The remaining energy should be able to allow four to five Bronze/Epic feys to reach Legend.”

As soon as Lin Yuan heard that, he didn’t even hesitate to take one Scorching Elemental Shellfish, two Celestine Elemental Shellfish, and two Aquamarine Elemental Shellfish out of the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

These five Elemental Shellfish were currently Bronze X/Epic. If he promoted them from Epic to Legend, then the speed at which they produced the elemental pearls would undoubtedly become faster than before.

Lin Yuan now regretted not promoting these five Elemental Shellfish from Epic to Legend with the spirit qi crystals previously.

After such a long time, it was unknown how many heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls had been lost.

After channeling the remaining spirit qi in the 31st spirit qi crystals that Morbius controlled into the five Elemental Shellfish, they all immediately

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