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Chapter 489: Got Sucked In

Once Lin Yuan got out of the tent, he saw Listen sitting with drenched clothes while he constantly sent rations into his mouth.

Obviously, Listen had already used all of his stamina when trying to collect the Floating Silver Strands under the sea. From the looks of it, the winner and loser between Listen and Liu Jie had already been decided.

Lin Yuan walked beside Listen, took a bag of fresh fruits out of the button-shaped fey storage box, and asked, “What kind of bet did you make with Brother Liu this time?”

Listen responded with a bitter face, “It is the pulp of the Platinum Bitter Gourd. Originally, we were only betting on this, but I added on another condition that we cannot drink water three hours after finishing it.”

Lin Yuan reached out and patted on Listen’s shoulder while revealing a sympathetic expression.

It was fine to eat a Platinum Bitter Gourd; one would simply have a taste of bitterness that was enough to break the gallbladder. If the victim was to drink a few cups of sweet fruit juices or the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus’ nectar, it would quickly disperse the bitterness that was so extreme that it would make one think of death. However, not drinking water for three hours after eating the Bitter Gourd was simply too ridiculous! What kind of immortal condition was that!?

What difference was there to begging to play three days and three nights with a girlfriend? The extreme bitterness wasn’t something that would disperse just by enduring for a moment. Wouldn’t Listen have to experience the bitterness constantly for three hours?

Even Lin Yuan, who had suffered for the first half of his life, wouldn’t dare to imagine this sensation.

Lin Yuan then saw the Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer holding a mobile phone each and fiddling with it.

These two Suzerain/Myth feys had already reached the extreme state of ‘hand on the phone and phone on the hand’.

However, the Mother of Bloodbath was using her mobile phone to share the delicacies that Liu Jie made in the foodie group, attracting some praise.

As for Endless Summer, it was in all sorts of accessory groups and being frenziedly promoted with all sorts of products.

Lin Yuan felt it was truly great. As long as Endless Summer didn’t dye her hair, anything was good.

When the Mother of Bloodbath saw Lin Yuan exiting the tent, she pursed her lips.Is there anyone more homebody than Lin Yuan in this world? We finally came to the sea, yet he is actually not enjoying the scenery and the sea breeze!

People who are always on Star Web are called fat homebodies! But apart from drinking less soft drinks, is there a difference between a skinny homebody and a fat homebody?

The Mother of Bloodbath stood up and was preparing to ask Lin Yuan to move around this barren island before going toward the sea to catch some crabs.

Immediately after, the Mother of Bloodbath saw Lin Yuan suddenly jumping into the sea.

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