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Chapter 483: Can’t Sit Even If

While the Source Sand was changing into its button form, it looked as though it was housing a potato.

Lin Yuan could not help but wonder if this was what people were referring to when they said even the humblest objects carried a certain amount of majesty.

Since there was not much time left, Lin Yuan left the Spirit Lock spatial zone and returned to his tent.

The faint aroma of seafood porridge drifted into the tent. He realized that Big Brother Liu must have started on breakfast.

Lin Yuan stretched and strolled out of his tent.

When he walked out of the tent, Lin Yuan noticed that the Mother of Bloodbath had also woken up. It was standing next to Liu Jie, who was cooking a huge pot of seafood porridge.

Every now and then, it would toss a few pieces of shelled prawns, dried scallops, and abalone pieces into the bubbling pot.

The Mother of Bloodbath kept adding ingredients, and it did not look like it was going to stop anytime soon.

The more ingredients the Mother of Bloodbath threw in, the more vigorously Liu Jie’s eyelids twitched, especially when it added the abalone pieces.

Liu Jie finally had to stop it.

“If you add more abalone pieces, the porridge will be too thick!”

The Mother of Bloodbath stopped adding the seafood and asked, “This is my first time cooking. What if Lin Yuan, Listen, and the rest don’t like the taste because there are too few ingredients?”

Liu Jie pulled out a crystal bottle of salt and handed it to the Mother of Bloodbath.

“The seafood was bought first thing this morning. You also added some Platinum abalone liver juices. There’s no way it won’t taste delicious. All we need to do now is to add some salt to bring out the porridge’s freshness. About four shakes of this crystal bottle should be enough.”

Lin Yuan’s eyebrow jumped when he heard that the Mother of Bloodbath was the chef behind this morning’s breakfast.

But he saw how attentively Liu Jie was guiding it, even giving specific instructions on how much salt to add, so the food might as well have been cooked by Liu Jie himself.

The Mother of Bloodbath was more like a sous chef.

The blazing sun set the entire sky alight, and foamy waves crashed softly on the shores. The ocean spray was completely devoid of life.

The Sea Burial Lotus Flower had utterly removed all traces of energy from the coastal seas, essentially leaving it barren.

It could very well take more than 100 years for the area to recover.

Without feys in the shores, there should be no danger as long as a water world dimensional rift did not open up here, making the area suitable for a holiday location.

Lin Yuan reveled in the abundant variety of ingredients, specifically the Mother of Bloodbath’s mouth-watering seafood porridge.

Unfortunately for the Zheng family, they were not having a gleeful time.

A middle-aged man with three scars on his face was pushing a wheelchair a

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