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South of Flame City, at the Scorching Volcano District…

Even in winter, the temperatures never dipped below 40 degrees here.

Temperatures could climb up to about 50 degrees in the summer.

It was comparable to the temperatures in the Class-2 abyss dimensional rift.

The difference was that the number of plants in Flame City’s Scorching Volcano District trumped that of the Class-2 abyss dimensional rift manifold.

Numerous plants that thrived in hot weather took root here.

A large number of plant feys leeched spirit qi from the constant flow out of the magma.

Thus, the spirit qi in the area was much thicker than in other places.

This resulted in many wood-type plant feys, which originated from other areas, evolving into wood-type and fire-type after spending time in the Scorching Volcano.

These wood-type and fire-type plant feys became Flame City’s specialties.

A young girl wearing a Redbud Intermediate Spirit Qi Academy uniform stood next to a massive sienna-colored rock.

She was commandeering an all-black, metal-lined wild bull that was charging amongst a group of Silver Fire-Spotted Wolves.

The Fire-Spotted Wolves were covered with brown fur that was messier and sparser than other wolf-type feys.

After all, a thick coat of fur was disadvantageous to feys who lived in such a high-temperature environment.

Flecks of red were dotted all over the brown fur, and they emanated fire energy.

Suddenly, a Fire-Spotted Wolf larger than the rest howled.

Other than the Fire-Spotted Wolf, which had its head smashed in by the black rampaging bull, the red spots on the rest of the Fire-Spotted Wolves lit up simultaneously.

The scarlet flames jetted out of the Fire-Spotted Wolves’ jaws toward the wild black bull.

The young girl dressed in the Redbud Intermediate Spirit Qi Academy uniform was Chu Ci.

When she saw the flames closing in on the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull, her eyes lit up, and she exclaimed, “Obsidian Iron Wild Bull, use Pain Buffer.”

The Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s originally black body radiated a gem-like luminescence—the legendary rainbow black color.

The Fire-Spotted Wolves’ flames descended upon the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull but failed to burn it. Instead, it seemed to be subsumed by the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s glowing skin.

The Fire-Spotted Wolves’ attack caused the ground around the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull to sizzle.

However, the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull appeared totally unaffected.

Flames wrapped around the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull as it charged toward the Fire-Spotted Wolves, whose red spots had dulled.

The Fire Spotted Wolves flew into a state of panic, having not expected their attack to fail.

Faced with the fire-covered Obsidian Iron Wild Bull, the Fire-Spotted Wolves knew they were in trouble.

The head of the pack bolted off in fright, despite the injury to its hind legs.

The ferocious Obsidian Iron Wild Bull suddenly let out a pained

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