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Chapter 482: Greed and Change

When Lin Yuan was done, he noticed that the Blood Brew Grapevine was rather greedy.

It originally did not have many roots, but it had grown numerous more in order to absorb all the Eyes of Relinquish.

The new roots soon joined the old roots in entering the Eyes of Relinquish.

The Blood Brew Grapevine only started to absorb the blood energy in the Eyes of Relinquish after it had ensured that it had engulfed every piece.

Lin Yuan noticed that the Blood Brew Grapevine had its little tricks when it came to this process.

The Blood Brew Grapevine’s new roots were much sharper than the old ones, and they were covered with a wooden exterior.

The Blood Brew Grapevine no longer needed Lin Yuan’s help thanks to the new roots.

It could now break down the Eyes of Relinquish’s defenses on its own.

The blood energy from each of the 29 Eyes of Relinquish was eventually all absorbed into the Blood Brew Grapevine’s body.

The vines on top of the Blood Brew Grapevine started to playfully dangle its new roots.

With the addition of its new roots, the Blood Brew Grapevine looked as though it had grown twice in size.

Lin Yuan was unbothered.

The old person who had sold the Blood Brew Grapevine should have pruned all of its vines and leaves. All that was left was the main vine. This ensured that all the blood energy the Blood Brew Grapevine absorbed would be focused on growing Blood Brew Grapes along the main vine.

However, Lin Yuan preferred the Blood Brew Grapevine to grow more vines so as to increase the number of Blood Brew Grapes it produced at a time.

Although this would undoubtedly increase the Blood Brew Grapes’ growing time, not pruning the new vines could also preserve the energy in the Blood Brew Grapevine’s body. After all, the Blood Brew Grapevine needed to channel more blood energy into regrowing the parts that had been pruned.

The Mother of Bloodbath would need to eat an immeasurable number of Blood Brew Grapes if it wanted to promote to Myth III. As such, the Mother of Bloodbath would be able to eat its fill of Blood Brew Grapes whenever the Blood Brew Grapevine produced its maximum number of Blood Brew Grapes.

Lin Yuan did a quick check to ensure that everything was in order before storing both Red Thorn and the Blood Brew Grapevine into the leaf-shaped Diamond fey storage box.

Previously, Lin Yuan had not instructed Red Thorn to store its Eyes of Relinquish because of his experimentation on the Eyes of Relinquish.

But now that Lin Yuan was going to get Red Thorn to continuously produce Eyes of Relinquish to nurture the Blood Brew Grapevine, it was better to maintain the 60 Eyes of Relinquish on Red Thorn.

The extra Eyes of Relinquish would be placed at the Blood Brew Grapevine’s roots.

The Source Sand might be Lin Yuan’s current main choice of fey to use in battle, but Red Thorn’s fighting abilities could strike a team as a whole. It coul

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