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Chapter 473: Chu Ci’s Master

The fire enveloping the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull had nearly dissipated.

Although the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull had managed to sustain the damage, its entire body had been charred black. It was clearly severely injured.

The Obsidian Iron Wild Bull snorted and stood its ground. It watched as the Fire-Spotted Wolves in the distance changed to a crimson red color.

A strong wave of energy shot out of the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s eyes toward the Fire-Spotted Wolves.

The fleeing Fire-Spotted Wolves’ heads exploded, and they collapsed on the ground, dead.

Cold Moon gasped in awe.

“The Obsidian Iron Wild Bull might only be Silver/Fantasy I, but after it takes enough damage, its exclusive skill Annihilation Gaze will be able to attain power comparable to a Gold/Fantasy Breed.


If there was someone around who recognized Cold Moon, their jaws would drop for sure.

Cold Moon was infamous for her arrogance. She even had the courage to speak her mind in front of the Moon Empress.

Obviously, Cold Moon greatly admired the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull.

Cold Moon could not help but be curious.

Where did Lin Yuan find such a treasure for his sister? It’s so sturdy and strong. It’s capable of handling a lot of hits and possesses impressive defensive abilities. Its abilities will exponentially boost Chu Ci’s power once it improves its strength. All the Fantasy Breed feys counteract each other in terms of their differing talent, bloodline, abilities, and exclusive characteristics. This results in larger differences in their power. There are very few feys amongst Fantasy Breeds that can distinguish themselves.

The Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s exclusive skill, Pain Absorption, strengthened its other exclusive skill, Annihilation Gaze. The ability Pain Buffer, which the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull learned during Silver grade, requires it to get hurt.

However, during the time when the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull starts to buffer the damage, it can use the pain to strengthen itself.

When paired with Iron Horn, it combines the damage that the Obsidian Wild Bull is about to receive with its innate attacking power and focuses it on its target.

The Obsidian Iron Wild Bull does not seem like a regular defense-type fey. Although Pain Buffer is definitely a defensive ability, it turns into a whole new beast when utilized by the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull. Especially when directed by Chu Ci, its power becomes out of this world!

Cold Moon’s praise elicited a wide beam from Chu Ci, who said, “Lin Yuan is the one who gave me the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull.”

Cold Moon could feel Chu Ci’s pride and joy from her words.

“Since we’re here at the Scorching Volcano District, why don’t I mine some Shining Ores for your Obsidian Iron Wild Bull? It might help the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull promote its grade,” said Cold Moon.

She went on to explain, “Shining Ores only have efficacy when freshly mine

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