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Chapter 474: Specialty Suona

Lin Yuan, who was on the deserted island, felt the weight of the two small crystals resting in the center of his palm. A wave of distress washed over him.

It would be a waste if I did not make use of such a treasure.

Lin Yuan held up one of the crystals.

Flickers of azure swam inside blinding ivory, while flames of ice seemed to jump within the crystal.

The crystal’s interior seemed to coalesce and dissipate continuously. Despite the enthusiastic leaping of the icy flames, it emanated a strange frigidness.

Two subtle streaks of gold revealed the identity of the crystal.

While the Mother of Bloodbath was busy handling the Cold Snow Pine, Endless Summer listlessly plucked pine needles nearby. It spotted Lin Yuan staring at the Icy Flames Law Crystal with a troubled brooding look.

Endless Summer could not help but say, “Lin Yuan, the Icy Flames Law Crystal might have laws, but it’s only an unorthodox ice-type law. Yet, it contains a wisp of fire. It’s the best plaything of fire- and ice-type Myth Breed feys.”

Endless Summer whistled in approval.

It had mastered Enlightenment Law, so whether it was the Cold Snow Pine’s Icy Flames Law Crystal or the Dead Dream Law Crystal, they were all useless.

Nonetheless, it could use the power of its own Law Crystal to commence melding and absorption to bolster its Enlightenment Law.

Although the discrepancy between Myth Breeds and Creation Breeds seemed similar to that between Fantasy Breeds and Myth Breeds, they were actually leagues asunder.

The distance between Myth Breeds and Creation Breeds was much further.

A Fantasy Breed would be close to death during their World Cleansing to become a Myth Breed.

Many seemingly all-powerful feys were reduced to ash during their struggle to rise from Fantasy V to Myth Breed.

Fantasy Breed feys could seek aid from others during their World Cleansing to increase their chances of surviving the process.

Unfortunately, when Myth Breed feys tried to elevate to Creation Breed feys, they needed to continuously strengthen their Law Runes.

Their Law Runes needed to be strong enough to create a genuine world of law using only the power of law.

Ergo, it was 100 times more dangerous for Myth Breeds as they had to go through the Trial of World Creation rather than World Cleansing.

The accumulation of the power of law required an unspeakable amount of power and training and usually took Myth III feys years to accomplish.

Class 5 Creation Masters’ most enviable asset was their ability to activate a portion of the power of law from Law Crystals. This granted them the ability to make adjustments so that any Law Runes could absorb the pure law energy.

Despite this ability, they mostly used it to elevate the power of their contracted feys and source-type lifeforms.

Why would they bless someone else with something so precious?

The Mother of Bloodbath was swiftly teari

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