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Chapter 475: Glad Wen Yu Did Not Come

Lin Yuan looked at the Dead Dream Law Crystal in his other hand. It was slightly larger and ashy black in color, with two gold streaks cutting through it.

The Dead Dream Law Crystal looked to be containing a mercurial dream realm. The foggy dream realm carried the strange feeling of joy intermixed with pain.

Lin Yuan’s hand quivered, and he fished out the black Law Crystal he had obtained from the Night Calamity Crow in Endless Forest.

Lin Yuan suddenly came to the realization that he was fated with dark-type feys.

Two of the three Law Crystals in his hands came from dark-type feys.

However, between those two dark-type Law Crystals, the one from the Night Calamity Crow was clearly better than the one from the Dream-Eating Bat.

Whether it was the laws in the crystal or the appearance of the Law Crystal itself, the Night Calamity Crow’s Law Crystal came out a winner.

It was probably due to the fact that Nightmare VI had used its exclusive skill, Dark Night Tribute, causing the originally complete law crystal to break.

However, the Dead Dream Law Crystal was much darker than the black crystal.

As he fiddled with the three Law Crystals, Lin Yuan’s concerns intensified.

Lin Yuan would never trade something like Law Crystals. As such, they would continue staying with Lin Yuan.

However, Lin Yuan was currently unable to use the Law Crystals. Due to the fundamental differences between the laws, not even Endless Summer or the Mother of Bloodbath would be able to absorb these Law Crystals.

There was a sort of sweet dilemma behind it all.

If Lin Yuan’s thoughts were revealed to the members of the veteran factions, they would launch two slaps across his face.

They would then scream at Lin Yuan, “Wake up, you fool! How can this be a sweet dilemma? It should be a sweet delight!”

Liu Jie was standing to the side, feeding a Silver Protein Silkworm Chrysalis to the Insect Queen.

Liu Jie, who only had one contracted fey, made sure to replenish the Insect Queen’s strength after every battle by feeding it source-type lifeforms.

When he was done, Liu Jie looked at the sky and commented, “It’s getting dark. Since we’re going to be on the deserted island these two days, why don’t I head to Indigo Azure City and get the materials to build a temporary campsite? Later, I’ll gather some metal spirit ingredients to make pots so I can cook up some seafood.”

The Mother of Bloodbath’s eyes lit up.

However, it was not the one that voiced out.

When Lin Yuan heard Liu Jie’s suggestion, he fished several quick-building tents out of his button-sized Diamond fey storage box.

These tents had been added as a precaution when Wen Yu was helping Lin Yuan organize the fey storage box.

Lin Yuan had not had the chance to use them up until now.

Finally, they could be of use.

The Mother of Bloodbath saw Lin Yuan take out some fruit from the fey storage bo

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