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Chapter 476: The Invite and the Third Person

After they filled their stomachs, the group headed into the already set up tents to rest.

Zhou Luo called out the recently contracted Dark Snake Dragon Lizard. He wanted it for companionship as he stood watch, as well as to form a deeper bond with it in the meantime.

The Lava Dragon Lizard continued helping the Ethereal Jellyfish disturb the ocean floor to collect the Floating Silver Strands laying in the depths.

A thunderous yawn soon sounded out from Liu Jie’s tent, signifying his exhaustion.

The Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer went back to tearing off the Cold Snow Pine’s bark.

The Mother of Bloodbath handled spiritual ingredients very professionally.

The job was almost done, and the Mother of Bloodbath had been extremely thorough. It even turned the Cold Snow Pine’s tree bark into hemp thread. It planned to give it to Wen Yu to make something for Lin Yuan.

Listen utilized the downtime to start training the Pain Illusory Fox and the Three-Tailed Crimson Fox. He used the resonance between the clashing of the Pain Illusory Fox and the Three-Tailed Crimson Fox to improve their battle compatibility.

Lin Yuan noticed that the way Listen was training the Pain Illusory Fox, and the Three-Tailed Crimson Fox partially encompassed his own special brand of understanding.

Lin Yuan had enhanced the Silver VII/Fantasy I Pain Illusory Fox, and it was deemed a rather exquisite spirit-type fey.

The Pain Illusory Fox used pain as a medium to control and harm its targets.

It was an intangible means of fighting.

Compared to the Silver VII/Fantasy I Pain Illusory Fox, the Silver III/Fantasy I Three-Tailed Crimson Fox was a step above.

Thanks to the compatibility of their abilities, they were able to form a good partnership.

Although its constantly burning three tails gave the Three-Tailed Crimson Fox the look of a fire-type fey, it was undoubtedly a spirit-type fey.

The fire, which burned atop its tails, could weaken its targets and lower their defensive ability if it made contact. This strengthened the Three-Tailed Crimson Fox’s spiritual abilities, whether it was the damage it dealt or the level of control it could exert.

The Three-Tailed Crimson Fox also possessed a hypnotizing ability.

In solo combat, due to the fact that every spirit qi professional mostly had many feys, attacking power was key in securing victory.

Thus, a fey like the Three-Tailed Crimson Fox, which had controlling abilities, was not particularly helpful in solo combat.

However, when it came to team fights, the Three-Tailed Crimson Fox’s abilities would have great efficacy on the opponent’s main feys.

It was highly likely to be a key player in such fights.

When Listen heard Lin Yuan approaching, he stopped the fight between the Pain Illusory Fox and the Three-Tailed Crimson Fox.

The Three-Tailed Crimson Fox laid down by Listen’s leg and nestled on

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