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Chapter 477: Clouded Crane

After Lin Yuan’s explanation and invitation, Listen bent down to pick up the Pain Illusory Fox and Three-tailed Crimson Fox.

“I’m in. I’ll increase my own power while also furthering the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s success. It will be done in four months,” said Listen.

Lin Yuan reached out his hand toward Listen and said, “Welcome, third member of Dome Guild Club.”

Listen gently placed his hand on the back of Lin Yuan’s as a symbol of their new bond as comrades.

Listen mentally came to a decision.

It looks like I’m about to fight on Star Web.

If Lin Yuan really takes part in next year’s S Tournament, given his and Liu Jie’s ability, they’re sure to obtain a B-level standing for the guild club.

Our Dome Guild Club has Black and the Radiance Hundred Sequence member Liu Jie. They will definitely attract immense attention once the member roster is released. I know I can’t be a Radiance Hundred Sequence member, but if I can reach Celestial Stairway, I won’t be known as the black sheep of the team.

Since I’m going to be a member of the team, I’ll have to make sure I’m irreplaceable. I need to prove myself to be a valuable asset worthy of being in such an amazing team. Otherwise, others will look down upon me, or the Star Web bigshots will magnify my mistakes and laugh at me. I don’t think my ego will ever recover.

When Lin Yuan and Listen were done talking, he returned to his tent.

Instead of hitting the sack, Lin Yuan entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Once he was in, Lin Yuan immediately noticed that the Pure Land of Bliss was filled with many snow-white feathers.

Morbius’ voice rang out in Lin Yuan’s mind. “Lin Yuan, something is wrong with Gray.”

Since Lin Yuan did not reply, Morbius continued speaking. “The Pure Land of Bliss is connected with the version of itself that’s both inside and outside the Spirit Lock Spatial Zone. At that time, the Pure Land of Bliss was outside and absorbing the World Grace. Gray had just recovered the genetic model and woken up. But, it accidentally absorbed some of the World Grace as well. This caused Gray’s genetic model to spike its promotion state.”

Morbius’ revelation delighted Lin Yuan.

Gray had been on the cusp of death, but now its genetic model was better than ever.

Who could have expected Gray to be granted such a prized opportunity for success?

It was an extremely rare chance for one’s genetic model to be promoted. It mostly only occurred to young feys.

It preserved the fey’s original genetic data while optimizing the genetic model, similar to the relationship between the Blue Flash Butterfly and the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly.

While the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly was in its cocoon, the Blue Flash Butterfly’s genetic model was promoted.

Usually, the promotion of the genetic model was a natural result of development.

This was the first time that it occurred due to a fey absorbi

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