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Chapter 478: Heaven and Earth Fey!

Lin Yuan was of the opinion that Cloud Morph and the Floating Island Whale was a perfect match.

The Floating Island Whale would rise to the sky after becoming a Fantasy Breed. The height it rose to was inconsequential given its immense size.

Even if Lin Yuan had the Ethereal Jellyfish, which had the spatial teleportation ability, it could establish a pathway between Sky City with Space Tunnel. It would essentially connect the land and sky.

Alas, it was not an infallible solution.

The Floating Island Whale was never regarded just as a floating piece of land in the sky. Its intention was always to be used as a formidable battle fortress.

Although its body was not strong, the Floating Island Whale would carry weapons and appliances which were necessary for battle.

The Floating Island Whale could also fly at rapid speed and was apt to become a method of transportation that could traverse the globe.

Lin Yuan could not keep such a battle fortress hidden in the sky forever.

It was disadvantageous for him to do so, and it would be a waste of its potential.

But now that he had the Cloud Crane, the Floating Island Whale could continue gliding in the sky and do so while remaining undiscovered.

Cloud Morph’s shielding ability was impressive in itself, but its psychic-blocking asset was an added bonus.

The stronger the Cloud Crane grew, the more powerful Cloud Morph would become.

Eventually, the Floating Island Whale could become a legend and continue existing in the sky indefinitely.

The more Lin Yuan thought about the prospects, the more thrilled he became. His grip increased along with his excitement, and the spirit qi crystals in his hand shattered.

He instructed Morbius to direct the pulsing spirit qi into the body of the sleeping Gray so that it could absorb the energy.

Unexpectedly, Gray did not seem any different from before after absorbing one spirit qi crystal.

Lin Yuan frowned slightly and placed his hand on Gray’s back.

He gathered the powerful spirit qi from the Spirit Lock spatial zone inside his body and channeled it into Gray.

The intense spirit qi traversed the surface layer of Gray’s body. Lin Yuan could feel every cell in Gray’s body gobbling up the spirit qi, akin to a starving Mother of Bloodbath that had not eaten for decades.

In the end, all the energy was consumed by Gray’s surface layer. Not one ounce of it penetrated the rest of Gray’s body.

Lin Yuan became certain that a large amount of spirit qi crystals would be needed for the promotion of Gray’s genetic model.

Feys who had never undergone the World Cleansing usually did not experience the elevation of their genetic model.

This meant that the opportunity that had presented itself to Gray was a one in a million draw of luck. It was nothing short of a miracle.

However, the promotion of its genetic model could be severed, which would cause Gray to lose

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