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Chapter 487: Blooming Osmanthus

Lin Yuan went into the ocean after giving the Mother of Bloodbath his phone.

He saw Liu Jie and Zhou Luo with Green Oxygen Sea Anemones over their mouths.

They were bundling the Floating Silver Strands the Ethereal Jellyfish had found into a ball.

Lin Yuan was about to help when Zhou Luo handed him the bundled Floating Silver Strands and pointed toward the surface of the water.

Both men floated up to the surface.

“Young Master, we’ve already formed a total of 47 bundles. Each bundle consists of a kilometer of Floating Silver Strands,” said Zhou Luo.

Lin Yuan gasped in spite of himself.

The Floating Silver Strands in his hands were already worth a small fortune.

Besides blocking spatial fluctuations, the Floating Silver could also be used to create the trunks of fey carriages or pad walls as an anti-spy mechanism.

Hu Quan could probably get numerous uses out of the Floating Silver Strands.

“You should get back to the shore, Young Master. You don’t need to go underwater. The three of us are more than capable of keeping up with the speed of your Ethereal Jellyfish. In fact, I find myself free a lot of the time,” said Zhou Luo ruefully.

Lin Yuan took into account Zhou Luo’s words and expression.

His mind immediately thought of the possibility that Liu Jie and Listen were up to another one of their strange competitions.

Since he was of no help underwater, Lin Yuan returned to the island.

He requested Liu Jie’s Insect Queen to produce a Hurricane Owlet Moth so he could dry his clothes and proceeded to return to his test.

He decided to enter the Spirit Lock spatial zone again as some time had passed, and he wanted to check if the Source Sand had changed in any way after absorbing the Mountain-Containing Embryo.

Zhou Luo dove underwater once again.

The more time Zhou Luo spent with Lin Yuan, the more he noticed the differences between Lin Yuan and other influential young masters.

Lin Yuan did not carry himself with their overwhelming arrogance.

Zhou Luo could distinctly feel the closeness and graciousness Lin Yuan extended to himself and others.

Meanwhile, Lin Yuan had realized a fragrance had arisen in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. It was a familiar scent because it was very similar to that of the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassias at the Radiant Moon Palace entrance.

However, it was heavier than the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia’s perfume.

The fragrance carried a subtle hint of bitterness.

When he had been strengthening Gray yesterday, Lin Yuan had noticed the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus, which had lost its tree core half a year ago, was growing a smattering of small flower buds.

Lin Yuan had been too focused on Gray yesterday and had not paid much attention to the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus’s changes.

Lin Yuan remembered that although the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus had demonstrated signs of recovering from its injuries

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