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Chapter 462: Go, Mother of Bloodbath

The middle-aged man in half armor made no attempt to mince his words or hide his displeasure.

“Jian Hanzhong, I only came to repay my debt. I have no intention of partaking in the matters of the Zheng family’s third lineage.”

Duan He turned his attention back to Lin Yuan and the rest.

Something serious must have happened. Otherwise, they would not have been pressed to dispatch Jian Hanzhong.

As a mere collateral branch of the main family, the third lineage of the Zheng family would never send out their only emperor-class expert under normal circumstances.

However, no matter how carefully Duan He scanned the group of young people standing in the near distance, he could not figure out in what way they would pose a large enough threat to warrant Jian Hanzhong stepping up.

Jian Hanzhong was right. Despite the Lava Dragon Lizard’s exceptional skills, it ultimately lacked strength.

The third lineage of the Zheng family had several king-class members.

A single king-class expert should be sufficient to handle this group of people.

Lin Yuan did not expect that Duan He was not actually part of the Zheng family.

He had only come to aid the man known as Jian Hanzhong, who had the aroma of cedarwood wafting around him. He was going to assist Jian Hanzhong’s contracted fey in undergoing its World Cleansing.

Lin Yuan asked Duan He upfront, “Senior Duan He, you are emperor-class yourself. If you really aren’t part of the Zheng family, I hope you won’t meddle in affairs which do not concern you.”

Duan He could not believe that the masked youth would call him out.

Duan He replayed the young man’s words in his mind. He was certain that he had sensed a veiled threat within the ostensibly polite statement.

Duan He furrowed his brow and asked, “So what if I choose to interfere?”

Lin Yuan regarded Duan He with a stony expression and punctuated each word as he replied, “Then you are making yourself an enemy of Sky City.”

At the mention of Sky City, the gears in Duan He’s head started to turn.

He realized that he had never heard of a faction called Sky City.

However, he had no interest in participating in such inter-faction fights. If he was, he would not have made his stance clear to Jian Hanzhong from the very beginning.

Jian Hanzhong heaved a sigh and began to circulate his spiritual power.

The spiritual power took the form of a cyclone, which materialized in front of Jian Hanzhong. The cyclone increased in magnitude as more spiritual power was released.

Suddenly, it turned into an enormous vortex of spiritual power, consuming all the free-flowing spiritual power of heaven and earth.

As Lin Yuan observed Jian Hanzhong, he found that he was an S-rank spirit qi professional.

S-rank spirit qi professionals demonstrated their battle prowess by exhibiting how their cyclone of spiritual power could swallow all the free-flowing spiritual pow

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