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Chapter 468: Moon Empress’ Disciple

As the Indigo Azure Guard Captain was conversing with Duan He, the Indigo Azure Guard Captain had been paying attention to the expressions on the two Spirit Guard Envoys.

When he saw the sudden change in their expressions, the Indigo Azure Guard Captain got a shock too.

He had a serious expression as he looked at the youth wearing the strange cloud-patterned mask and the silver light armor who was walking toward the two Guard Envoys. As he looked in that direction, the Indigo Azure Guard Captain fixed his eyes on the white brocade box in Liu Jie’s hands.

But no matter how he looked, the Indigo Azure Guard Captain couldn’t see anything special about this white brocade box.

Liu Jie was currently in front of the two Guard Envoys and immediately handed the brocade box to the two Guard Envoys.

Liu Jie was thinking,I wonder what is contained within Lin Yuan’s brocade box? If it isn’t useful, then I will take off my mask to show my identity as a Radiance Hundred Sequence member. That will be the best solution to the current situation.

Liu Jie didn’t think that Jiao Hanzhong would be so shameless to lie to the Guard Envoys and implicate the matter of the carcinoma fey with them. Liu Jie didn’t know what the Sea Burial Lotus Flower was, but according to what Jiao Hanzhong had said, the anomaly in this sea region was probably related to the so-called Sea Burial Lotus Flower.

The Spirit Guards would normally capture and contain the carcinoma feys that appeared in the wild. They also allowed the possession of a carcinoma fey by a private faction or an individual. However, the prerequisite was for the carcinoma fey owner not to use the carcinoma fey to cause destruction.

Now that the coastal sea region outside the Indigo Azure City had been turned into a dead region, it wasn’t a small matter. These two Spirit Guard Envoys would certainly investigate thoroughly.

Just as Liu Jie’s mind was rapidly thinking, the two Spirit Guard Envoys received the white brocade box that was radiating moonlight.

As soon as the two Spirit Guard Envoys made a small opening, they had an instant change of expression when they saw the item within and became abnormally respectful.

They immediately circulated their spiritual power and poured it into the four crests inside the brocade box.

Three of the crests with crescent moons suddenly emitted a gentle moon color. The two Spirit Guard Envoys quickly closed the white brocade box and handed it back to Liu Jie before looking at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan didn’t think that the Creation Master crests that the Moon Empress had prepared for him would actually be of use in this situation.

Inside the white brocade box were four crests—two were Class 2 Creation Master crests, and the other two were Class 2 Creation Master’s retainer crests.

One of the two Class 2 Creation Master crests was the ordinary crest issued by the Creation Master Association.

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