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Chapter 470: The Possibility of the Mother of Bloodbath Becoming A Creation Breed

Suddenly, Lin Yuan felt the enveloping grace of the Pure Land of Bliss. Intense disgust rose within him.

It felt wrong, like a child in the arms of the wrong mother.

After the Pure Land of Bliss completed the Cold Snow Pine’s World Cleansing, it absorbed about 10% of World Grace.

However, Lin Yuan immediately sensed that the Cold Snow Pine was unable to absorb the grace provided for it.

Lin Yuan was now unsure if they were dealing with the entirety of World Grace.

Morbius could only absorb a maximum of about 10%.

If it was true, then Morbius’s Pure Land of Bliss would be able to achieve the absorption of World Grace.

It would be ten times the absorption rate of other feys who were trying to obtain World Grace.

The Cold Snow Pine was left with 90% of World Grace. Naturally, Lin Yuan would do all that it took to make it his.

Lin Yuan shot a look at Endless Summer.

Endless Summer ripped apart the prison of petals that was keeping the Cold Snow Pine confined.

Unfortunately, the Cold Snow Pine’s mind had been frozen by Endless Summer’s Enlightenment Law Rune.

It entered the Cold Snow Pine’s body along with the remaining 90% of World Grace.

Just as the Cold Snow Pine was about to morph into human form, a light purple spear from Endless Summer’s Shooting Spears of Summer appeared in Endless Summer’s hand.

This time, the spear seemed much sharper than the ones it had used before.

Endless Summer punctured the Cold Snow Pine through its branches with the spear, and its tree core was gouged out with one swift motion.

A few more strikes followed, allowing Endless Summer to dig out the Law Crystal hidden at the top of the Cold Snow Pine’s bows.

Endless Summer fiddled with the Cold Snow Pine’s Law Crystal. A gentle smile spread across its face as it addressed Lin Yuan. “The Cold Snow Pine’s Law Crystal is unorthodox and not one of the pure ice-type laws. It’s a complete Myth II Law Crystal, nonetheless.”

Lin Yuan gave a thumbs up.

He was thoroughly impressed by Endless Summer and Mother of Bloodbath.

Endless Summer’s Enlightenment Law Rune had the ability to freeze minds. Any fey below Endless Summer’s grade would become its soldier after it extended its control over them.

After the death of the fey, the Law Rune would crystallize into a complete Law Crystal.

The memory of the Mother of Bloodbath splitting itself into crows was still etched in Lin Yuan’s mind.

Lin Yuan almost wanted to change the Mother of Bloodbath’s name to Mother of Chefs.

She had absolutely perfected the technique.

The Mother of Bloodbath whispered to Lin Yuan, “Should I take care of that old man?”

Lin Yuan nodded without hesitation.

A scarlet light flashed. The Zheng family’s third lineage’s emperor-class expert, Jian Hanzhong, came into view.

The smell of a fresh ocean breeze wafted into Li

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