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Chapter 463: Murderer and Loser

The moment the intense pressure and metallic odor of blood manifested, Jian Hanzhong’s expression completely changed.

He drew out the spiritual power within him and a beautiful bonsai sprouted from the center of his palm.

At the same moment when the exquisite cedar bonsai sprouted from Jian Hanzhong’s palm, the originally undisturbed surface of the sea surged.

A gigantic glacier rose from its depths.

The air around the cedar bonsai turned to ivory frost the moment that the cedar bonsai radiated the chilling aura.

Jian Hanzhong pumped a large amount of spiritual power into the cedar bonsai and bellowed, “Cold Snow Pine, Pine Needle Shield! Ultimate Ice, Ice Leaves Scatter!”

The cedar bonsai in Jian Hanzhong’s hand shed its needles.

The falling needles melded together on the Ultimate Ice’s branches, forming a hard shell.

However, the Ultimate Ice was built too sturdily and was colossal in size.

The Cold Snow Pine was unable to wholly sweep over its branches to provide it with full-coverage protection.

When the Ultimate Ice received Jian Hanzhong’s command, its dense blue foliage churned up a tornado of leaves.

The droplets hanging off the leaves transformed into needles that burst forth toward the electric streak of scarlet light headed toward the fey.

Alas, the tornado of icy blue leaves was no match for the electric streak of scarlet light.

As the crimson light closed in, the Ultimate Ice’s branches bowed and reached inward, starting from the point where the needles were absent.

The Ultimate Ice’s branches were blasted open, leaving a large crater in the aftermath.

When the crimson light blasted another hole adjacent to the first one, it transformed into an enchanting girl. She had flame-red hair, red eyes to match, and was dressed in ruby armor.

A light blue tree core was nestled in the girl’s hand.

The Mother of Bloodbath languidly tossed the light blue tree core up and down. It even tossed it so that it made a complete circle in the air and intersected each throw with a complex trick.

An enraged roar ripped from Jian Hanzhong’s throat. “No!”

The Mother of Bloodbath’s strange yet melodious voice chimed in, its tone one of scornful derision. “No? Old man! Your voice pissed me off from the beginning! How dare you threaten to freeze the hearts of the people from Sky City? Dream on!

“If you had used the Suzerain Peak Snow Chill to attack me, I might have been slightly injured. But you chose to use the Snow Pine Chill to protect the Ultimate Ice instead. How stupid. I have to admit, you’re quite powerful for an old guy. I’ll also say that Ultimate Ice’s tree core is not bad. It’ll be great for cooling down my room on sweltering summer days.”

The moment that the Mother of Bloodbath showed herself, Duan He, who had not participated up till then, jumped. His pupils contracted instantaneously.

His rugged features betrayed fright

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