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Chapter 454: Water from Eight Directions Gather

Anyway, Lin Yuan knew that he was protected by the Mother of Bloodbath and had his Master’s Extreme Token. Even if he was in danger, he could react at once.

This danger 3,000 meters away from the shore wouldn’t be more powerful than the Suzerain/Myth II Mother of Bloodbath, right?

While speaking to Liu Jie, Lin Yuan was also slightly embarrassed. He, Liu Jie, Listen, and Zhou Luo seemed to have no flying feys that they could ride on.

He instead had to rely on the moths produced by Liu Jie’s Insect Queen when he needed the flying ability now.

Although he could fly with the four Day and Night Spirit Silver wings, flying would rely on the Day and Night Spirit Silver’s weightlessness as long as the four wings played a defensive role.

The sea breeze was currently very strong. Given Lin Yuan’s spiritual power as a C-rank spirit qi professional, using the four wings would likely cause him to become a kite with broken strings thanks to the sea breeze.

The Insect Queen’s Hurricane Owlet Moths could manipulate the wind and wouldn’t be affected by flying in the great sea breeze at all. The sea breeze would even speed up the Hurricane Owlet Moths’ flight.

The chaotic sea breeze was also one of the reasons why, in addition to the fear of attacks by marine feys, many spirit qi professionals with flying feys still didn’t dare to fly above the sea.

Lin Yuan wanted the Hurricane Owlet Moths to take him over the sea because this coastal sea had been explored. It was also due to the protection of an expert like the Mother of Bloodbath.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s request, Liu Jie did not ask any questions. Instead, he commanded the four Hurricane Owlet Moths to fly toward Lin Yuan.

Liu Jie knew that Lin Yuan was not a rash person. Lin Yuan must have discovered something with such a request.

Two Hurricane Owlet Moths grabbed Lin Yuan’s shoulder, while the other two grabbed both sides of his waist. According to Lin Yuan’s instructions, they took him into the air and headed in the designated direction.

When Lin Yuan was flying above the sea with the four Hurricane Owlet Moths manipulating the wind energy to take him into the air, he looked at the vast sea and was suddenly intoxicated by the blueness of the sea.

Lin Yuan could see the bottom of the sea that was 100 meters under the sea surface. The barren sea at the bottom was particularly vast. The silence of no life in this sea contained the beauty of vastness.

A hundred rivers flow east to the sea, and when will they flow back to the west?

The sea is vast, the rivers flow from all directions, and the water is gathered from eight directions.

At that moment, Lin Yuan seemed to have the feeling he had when he had first ridden on a flying fey and flown in the clouds all the way from the Xia Region to Redbud City.

All of a sudden, a glimpse of enlightenment appeared in his mind. It revealed a sense of i

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