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Chapter 469: Surplus of Spirit Qi Crystals

Lin Yuan responded with a cupped fist while the two Guard Envoys’ mouths and eyes were twitching violently. “Many thanks to the two seniors. This junior can handle the matters here.

“I hope that the two seniors can help this junior to keep a secret of what you saw today.”

While speaking, the pinnacle Suzerain/Myth I Cold Snow Pine was already at the final juncture of the World Cleansing. The goose feather-like snow was already at the final wave too.

The senior Guard Envoy watched the heavy snowfall and said, “Don’t worry, the snow can make the world purer and can also conceal a lot of secrets.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan smiled faintly. “The two seniors don’t have to fret. The ones to conceal the secret are never the snow, but the humans.”

While speaking, Lin Yuan looked at the Indigo Azure Guard Captain. The latter immediately bowed with a cupped fist in return to Lin Yuan while having a stunned expression.

The two Guard Envoys let out a hearty peal of laughter and said, “The active period of the dimensional rifts will happen in less than two days. It is best not to stay on the sea. Several Class 5 Scholars predicted that this year’s dimensional rift wave is said to be the strongest among the ten dimensional rift waves that happened in the recent century.”

After speaking, the senior Guard Envoy shook his hand and summoned a silkworm-like fey. The silkworm fey wriggled in the air and climbed up as though it treated the air like a tree. It then quickly spun a massive amount of threads while chewing out a door-like shape in the spatial zone.

The glistening threads then weaved a crooked door handle on the door. The senior Guard Envoy then opened the spatial door before calling out to the Indigo Azure Guard Captain and nodding to Lin Yuan before leaving.

Duan He, who was originally having a conversation with the Indigo Azure Guard Captain, had slowly regained his senses but was now in an astonished state again.

What is happening to this world? I do not have any insomnia, and I always have quality sleep that doesn’t have dreams, nor do I snore. Why am I having such a twisted and ridiculous dream this time?

After Duan He regained his senses again, he was repeatedly looking and sizing up Lin Yuan.

Subsequently, he looked at Jiao Hanzhong, who had just commanded the Cold Snow Pine to endure the World Cleansing. However, Jiao Hanzhong felt as though he had grown older by ten years and had this look of despair.

While Duan He looked at Jiao Hanzhong, he felt an itch on his gums.Jiao Hanzhong, this old man is really evil! He looked for me to help the Cold Snow Pine so that it can successfully endure the World Cleansing and upgrade into Myth II.

He nearly dragged me into the drain! Had I not been cautious and always refrain from getting involved with conflicts between factions, wouldn’t I have the same outcome as Jiao Hanzhong?

While thinking until h

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