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Chapter 471: Mother Spider’s Sixth Sense?

The Mother of Bloodbath noticed Lin Yuan eyeing its injury. Its emotionless countenance was replaced with a warm smile.

The Mother of Bloodbath placed Jian Hanzhong’s Diamond fey storage box in Lin Yuan’s hand and said, “Nightmare VI isn’t dead yet. Its mind is just in pieces because of Sister Summer’s attack.”

Lin Yuan looked suspicious. The Mother of Bloodbath explained, “You can take Nightmare VI’s current condition to be similar to that of a vegetative state in human terms.”

The Mother of Bloodbath started to gesture as it continued. “I’m going to help Sister Summer with the Cold Snow Pine. The Cold Snow Pine’s pine needles are rather valuable. I’ll dissect the Nightmare VI later when I’ve regained my maximum power.”

The Mother of Bloodbath saw that Lin Yuan’s expression had shifted.

Lin Yuan had placed half his attention on the Ethereal Jellyfish and sensed it digging continuously on the ocean floor.

At that moment, he sensed that the Ethereal Jellyfish had already dug out all the Spatial Magnets in the ocean floor.

When added to the 100 pieces he already owned, the Ethereal Jellyfish had managed to dig up 500 Spatial Magnets.

However, what caused Lin Yuan to frown was not the large quantity of Spatial Magnets.

It was because there was something hidden behind the Spatial Magnets’ magnetic field.

There was another more complex hidden technique underneath it.

Compared to the more complex hidden technique, the 500 Spatial Magnets were peanuts.

The Mother of Bloodbath saw Lin Yuan’s tightly drawn together brows and asked, “Is something wrong?”

Lin Yuan relaxed his brows and responded, “I tasked the Ethereal Jellyfish with searching for Spatial Magnets in the ocean floor. It dug up a total of 500 pieces. However, below the Spatial Magnets lies an enormous net made of Floating Silver Strands. ”

The Mother of Bloodbath fell silent.

Who would go through the immense trouble of setting up such a project in the coastal sea so close to Indigo Azure City?

Floating Silver could definitely count as one of the extremely valuable spiritual materials. It had spatial characteristics, which were rare in metal spiritual ingredients.

Whoever had put the Floating Silver Strands in place had to have done so very early on.

At the very least, it had to be done before the carcinoma fey, Sea Burial Lotus Flower, appeared.

Otherwise, whoever had set up the Spatial Magnets and Floating Silver would have captured something as precious as the Sea Burial Lotus Flower.

Lin Yuan analyzed the chain of events.

If we didn’t come to the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s coastal sea to investigate, we would not have stumbled upon the Sea Burial Lotus Flower. I would not have dove underwater and coincidentally experienced the unusual spatial tremors when the water world dimensional lifeform was spat out. It was after the unusual spatial tremors th

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