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Chapter 464: Older Sister and Younger Sister Can

With one wave, an oily black mass attached itself to the scarlet energy that was rotting the Ultimate Ice’s branches.

The black oily mass countered the Mother of Bloodbath’s blood energy. It also weaved together the hole in the Ultimate Ice’s branches and effectively slowed the rate of rotting.

Despite having negated the Mother of Bloodbath’s energy, the Ultimate Ice would continue to wither from the hole outward without its tree core.

The black-cloaked person spoke with a deep and grating voice.

“By attacking the Zheng family’s third lineage, you have offended the Zheng family. You shall pay for your actions with your life.”

The Mother of Bloodbath kept the Ultimate Ice’s tree core in the red crystal cluster Diamond fey storage box hanging off its ear.

Its tone and attitude remained playful.

“Don’t hide behind the mask. I smelled the stench of a bat-species fey on you from the start.”

Although its tone was impish, its expression was completely serious.

The scarlet glow in its hand flashed. The light streaked toward where Lin Yuan’s group was standing and separated to form four crimson crystal spiders.

Lin Yuan knew that the Mother of Bloodbath was using its Gold ability, Spider Incubation, to protect him and the rest.

Four shields in the shape of the Mother of Bloodbath’s back armor covered the Lava Dragon Lizard’s Lava Shield.

When the Mother of Bloodbath’s armor-shaped shield engulfed the Lava Shield, Lin Yuan felt the crushing barrier restricted outside.

The shield’s interior felt as though it had been sanitized.

At the same time that it launched the crimson crystal spiders, the Mother of Bloodbath’s body was suddenly awash with a blinding scarlet light.

Blood Law Runes appeared and released their maximum power.

The initially calm sea simultaneously transformed into sticky coagulation of blood that extended endlessly.

A ferocious red spider, the size of a small mountain, appeared at the spot previously occupied by the Mother of Bloodbath.

The spider was swathed in blood energy. Other than its back, its entire body was covered with a terrifying fur of stingers.

The stingers gleamed shocking red.

The moment that the Mother of Bloodbath transformed, it charged toward the man in black.

Nightmare VI morphed into a plume of black smoke at the same time that the Mother of Bloodbath charged at him, deftly dodging her attack.

The Mother of Bloodbath was unfazed, and it immediately changed directions.

Two scarlet stinger-covered spider legs raised and stabbed, penetrating the still weak Ultimate Ice.

About two meters long each, two gashes were left on the branches of the already helpless Ultimate Ice.

The gashes almost sliced the Ultimate Ice’s branches into thirds.

At that moment, Nightmare VI, which had transformed into black smoke, appeared behind the Mother of Bloodbath.

Nightmare VI tra

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