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Chapter 455: Sea Burial Lotus Flower

The four Hurricane Owlet Moths stopped flying as soon as they brought Lin Yuan to the designation location, but he did not rush to go into the sea.

Instead, he summoned the Gold Green Oxygen Sea Anemone that he had purchased earlier from the amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box.

Lin Yuan had stored this Green Oxygen Sea Anemone in the Spirit Lock spatial zone and nourished it for nearly half an hour with the high concentration of spirit qi before putting it back into the amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box.

At this moment, the Green Oxygen Sea Anemone was in very good condition and lively as it constantly stretched its short light-green tentacles.

It buckled on his mouth and nose while being upside down, and Lin Yuan immediately felt the uniquely fresh smell of a marine plant.

Lin Yuan couldn’t breathe under the sea, so he instructed this Gold Green Oxygen Sea Anemone to create oxygen in the water.

He took a deep breath and plunged into the sea. The cold seawater soaked Lin Yuan, causing him to shiver. Then he felt the Gold Green Oxygen Sea Anemone’s powerful oxygen-producing function.

The large amount of oxygen it produced completely isolated the seawater from his mouth and nose, and he sniffed the oxygen that had the unique marine plant fragrance.

He felt that the Gold Green Oxygen Sea Anemone’s oxygen seemed to be slightly more than the usual oxygen content in the air.

Higher-grade Green Oxygen Sea Anemone could probably be treated as an oxygen cylinder that released pure oxygen in the sea.

Lin Yuan looked down at the bottom of the sea. If not for the Gold Green Oxygen Sea Anemone protecting his nose and mouth after entering the sea, his coughing action could cause him to choke on a large amount of seawater and die.

When he was on the sea surface previously, due to the fine waves of the sea, Lin Yuan could only see that the barren sea bottom was almost the same color. However, he couldn’t look closely at what was at the sea bottom.

When he looked at the sea bottom, he felt his scalp numb. He saw the sea bottom were endless bone-carved lotus flowers.

These lotus flowers were not the white color of ordinary bones but like the gray-white dead coral at the sea bottom.

The Bone Lotus Flowers were stacked layer upon layer and bloomed. Those at the top were whiter.

The Bone Lotus Flowers were endless, and this sea bottom seemed like a barren, beautiful bone lotus hell. The strange beauty of this bone lotus hell made Lin Yuan have goosebumps all over in the cold seawater. This strange natural scenery was beautiful.

Lin Yuan couldn’t feel the presence of any living creatures in the endless sea at this moment. It was silent, and only these Bone Lotus Flowers were gently opening and closing in the sea.

The hearts of the Bone Lotus Flowers contained a cold flare. They must be the thorns that had pierced the vines in his perception

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