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Chapter 457: 10,000 Times More Disgusting!

While the Mother of Bloodbath was raging in its heart, it didn’t hesitate with its actions. Three intersecting crimson blood-colored waves of energy blasted at the sea bottom full of Bone Lotus Flowers.

The bottom of the sea where Lin Yuan’s gaze reached was blasted by these three crimson blood-colored waves of energy, forming extremely deep ravines.

The Bone Lotus Flowers turned into white shreds, and the pale-white powder drifted in the seawater like extremely cold snow in the sea.

The Mother of Bloodbath happened to enclose the Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s body at the center of the three intersected blood-colored waves of energy. This disconnected it from the vast majority of the Bone Lotus Flowers.

Lin Yuan then saw a strange movement in that small area. The Bone Lotus Flowers suddenly danced at the sea bottom like spirit snakes that probed out in search of the enemy that had just attacked them.

Lin Yuan knew that carcinoma feys like the Sea Burial Lotus Flower were not intelligent. A lifeform like it only possessed the instinct of avoiding harm.

Its reaction was exactly the subconscious emergency response of a lifeform in the face of danger.

The Silver IV Sea Burial Lotus Flower couldn’t do anything with a Myth Breed fey like the Mother of Bloodbath around.

The Mother of Bloodbath flew into those dancing Bone Lotus Flowers and ignored the attack from the Bone Lotus Flowers’ center.

It stretched out its hand and pushed aside from inside the Bone Lotus Flowers.

Lin Yuan saw the Mother of Bloodbath grab a delicate lotus flower from the Bone Lotus Flowers. It was white in color, including its stem and leaves.

This white did not have a deathly pale feeling like the Bone Lotus Flowers. Rather, there was a glistening sense of sacredness, causing people to have reverent thoughts.

It was really hard to imagine that such a small thing would be the devil that swallowed the sea and made it barren.

What was under the sacred-like white lotus flowers were not the lotus roots but a green crystal smaller than Lin Yuan’s thumb on the rhizome.

This green crystal must have relied on all the energy in this sea to nurture the wood-type Sobbing Sea Crystal that simply had too many uses.

Lin Yuan suddenly thought of the Jasmine Lily, but it was a bit too extravagant to give Jasmine Lily the Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s Sobbing Sea Crystal to raise its quality. That’s right. This was extravagant even in the eyes of people like Lin Yuan, who wouldn’t hesitate to spend more resources to become stronger.

He still needed to think about how to use this wood-type Sobbing Sea Crystal.

After all, the Jasmine Lily could improve its quality from Fantasy I with many spiritual materials. It was not necessary to have this wood-type Sobbing Sea Crystal.

The Mother of Bloodbath flashed to Lin Yuan’s side, with its hair dancing in the seawater. Its usually expressionl

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