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Chapter 465: You’ve Comprehended Law Runes!

The Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer had only recently learned about Star Web. Did they already master it in such a short time!?

I’ll have to ensure that my feys don’t learn too much about Star Web!

Lin Yuan thought about Chimey.

My Chimey is so lovely and obedient! Although Genius often buys books from Star Web, Chimey is always by its side. I’ve never noticed Chimey becoming obsessed with Star Web and picking up strange things from there. How lovely!

When Nightmare VI heard Endless Summer’s words, it immediately summoned its Law Rune.

The moment Nightmare VI’s Law Rune was summoned, intermittent cries of happiness sounded out from a distance away.

Nightmare VI’s hands entered Law Rune’s mass of grey fog.

Nightmare VI’s hands immediately started to decay, but its finger joints started to glow long and slender.

Black nails that were longer than Nightmare VI’s hands sprouted from the finger joints, inciting a sharp surge of energy in the air around.

Nightmare VI watched as the nails grew from its withered fingers. It made the gesture of slitting its throat.

“Both of us are Suzerain/Myth II. But I have already reached the peak of Suzerain/Myth II and discovered several secrets to modify my body into a weapon. Do you two really think that you can kill me? I’ll show you the true power of a Myth II utilizing the partial power of a Myth III.”

Endless Summer did not acknowledge Nightmare VI. It stood statuesque.

Shortly after, Endless Summer spoke gently.

“Time’s up.”

The energy around Endless Summer suddenly rose, greatly surpassing its initial level—the energy shot toward Nightmare VI.

Endless Summer pointed at Nightmare VI and emphasized each word. “I heard that you like to spout nonsense. How annoying.”

Endless Summer did not even try to hide its disdain for dark-type feys.

Nightmare VI’s confident expression disappeared, and its grave voice carried a tinge of incredulity. “You’re actually Myth III. Why did you reduce yourself to Myth II?”

A smile played on Endless Summer’s lips. Its sweet voice dripped with malevolence.

“Moron. It’s because we were after the Law Crystal in your head from the start! The Dream-Eating Bats’ escaping capabilities are unparalleled. Moreover, you possess the Dead Dream Law. Both of them together are amazing. The Mother of Bloodbath braved its injury for the sake of keeping you here. Putting on a small act is the least I could do for its efforts.”

Nightmare VI got goosebumps.

It was a Suzerain/Myth II fey. Yet, the enemy coveted its Law Crystal the second it revealed itself.

Nightmare VI started to circulate the energy in its body.

The Dead Dream Law’s grey fog absorbed all the energy in Nightmare VI’s body. The sounds of crying in the Law Rune rose in volume.

Nightmare VI plunged the black nails into its heart. Black blood spurted from the wound, which was absorbed by th

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