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Chapter 466: Spirit Return! End of Summer!

Lin Yuan’s voice was loud, and it immediately reached the ears of everyone on the battlefield.

“Its exclusive skill, Dark Night Tribute, allows it to burn its Law Rune and energy as a tribute to its fake body before upgrading into a Fantasy Breed. It can then abandon the current body and reincarnate into the fake body where no one knows where it is hidden.”

After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, a question mark involuntarily appeared in everyone’s heart.

For a wild fey, especially a Myth Breed fey, its abilities, and exclusive skills were its trump cards to save its life or for absolute kills. They naturally wouldn’t let anyone know the abilities and exclusive skills easily.

Even if a Class 2 Creation Master was able to know clearly about a Normal fey’s ability and exclusive skill, once a fey became a Fantasy Breed, not even a Class 3 Creation Master could see through its abilities and exclusive skills.

As the grade of the Fantasy Breed fey got higher, even a Class 4 Creation Master wouldn’t be able to do a complete investigation of the fey’s abilities and exclusive skills.

Once the Fantasy Breed fey became a Myth Breed one, the fey could hide its abilities and exclusive skills without letting anyone else know.

Nightmare VI was only having one thought in its mind now.How did someone else know of my exclusive skill!?

Nightmare VI felt that the masked youth was getting increasingly bizarre.

Endless Summer found it a little unbelievable, but she would never suspect Lin Yuan’s words. After all, she knew that Lin Yuan wasn’t a person who would speak off the cuff. Therefore, whatever he said must be true.

As soon as Lin Yuan’s statement ended, Nightmare VI started burning with black flames in the lush branches. It was melting just like a candle.

Endless Summer turned abnormally stern and looked at Nightmare VI as she said in a deep voice, “Earlier on, you said something wrong. You said that a pinnacle Myth II might be able to emulate but will never truly achieve Body Weaponization.”

At that moment, Endless Summer had this particularly serious look as though she was going to do something sacred.

Endless Summer took off the pink-purple flower ball bracelet that she had been wearing. She then enveloped the bracelet in pink-purple Law Rune that was in a gaseous state and said in a pious manner, “Spirit Return!”

As soon as Endless Summer said the words ‘Spirit Return’, it felt as though the entire world had turned silent. The surface of the sea suddenly bloomed with countless flowers. Within the sea of flowers, gigantic wooden pillars were rising up into the clouds.

The gigantic pillars were upholding a verdant divine wood that was almost connecting heaven and earth. The verdant wood had branches that were filled with pink-purple embroidered ball-shaped flowers.

A sky-shaking aura allowed the divine wood that was already close to the sky to climb up li

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