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Chapter 459: Support Our Third Lineage

As the Ethereal Jellyfish searched through the sea in detail, Lin Yuan’s collection of Spatial Magnets increased and was already close to 100.

At present, Lin Yuan and the Mother of Bloodbath realized that the range of the magnetic field was truly too wide. As Lin Yuan followed the Ethereal Jellyfish in the air, they were getting further away from the shore.

Soon after, Lin Yuan saw an island that was around 4,000 to 5,000 square meters in size.

The island was abnormally barren, just like the seabed that the Sea Burial Lotus Flower ravaged.

Lin Yuan had heard Listen mention about this barren island before. It was already out of the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s territory.

Lin Yuan realized that the Ethereal Jellyfish found an extreme number of Spatial Magnets in the vicinity of the island. Lin Yuan then said to the Mother of Bloodbath, “Why don’t we use this island as a checkpoint? I will ask Liu Jie, Listen, and Zhou Luo to come over too.”

The Mother of Bloodbath responded. “When coming over to the shore, there were plenty of eyes that were staring at you. You have already been searching on the sea for almost four hours now. I believe that those people with motives wouldn’t be able to sit still after finding out you went out to the sea, right?”

Lin Yuan narrowed his eyes and let out a smile. “If they cannot sit still, they will naturally reveal themselves. We shall respond to them by remaining calm.”

A tall and skinny man was using a cloth made with spirit beast pelt to wipe the chess pieces that had distinct white and black color.

There was a black and white sable on the Creation Master robe of the tall and skinny man. The sable was drooling as it looked at the chess pieces in the man’s hand. Its eyes were twisting and turning as it was abnormally spirited.

Zheng Jiangliu looked at the sinister-looking youth beside him and said with an impatient tone, “Wenbo, what are you saying? Is your Grandpa Jiao someone you can command as you please?”

Zheng Wenbo looked like a frozen eggplant. Zheng Wenbo’s sinister eyes and vicious eyes would nearly ooze out as soon as he recalled what had happened during the day at the Indigo Azure Sea Market.

The elder with the straight back and cedar aura used his hand to rub on Zheng Wenbo’s head and said, “I have watched Wenbo grow up from a baby, and I understand his temperament. If he hadn’t suffered a great embarrassment, he would never have talked like that.”

Zheng Jiangliu asked softly, “Uncle Jiao, are you sure that there isn’t any emperor-class expert with the youth and Listen?”

Zheng Jiangliu was abnormally friendly and didn’t act as sternly as he acted toward Zheng Wenbo.

The elder then said with a composed expression, “I didn’t feel any powerful presence beside that youth. Unless the opposition’s strength is significantly higher than mine, I will not be able to sense their presence.


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