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Chapter 467: Lord Guard Envoy

The layers of dark clouds in the sky suddenly released snow powder. As they fell, they gradually turned into goose feathers.

As soon as the goose feather-shaped snow fell onto the sea’s surface, it turned the sea surface into ice. While the snow fell, the air in the surrounding became so icy cold that it transformed into pale white flames of ice.

It looked just like fireworks in the middle of an ice storm.

Jiao Hanzhong watched as the snow fell toward the pot of Cold Snow Pine in his hand. As he experienced this beautiful scene, he suddenly felt that this was rather ironic.

This was the day of the World Cleansing that he had been waiting for days and nights. However, this day had actually become the day of his funeral.

Jiao Hanzhong said to Lin Yuan in a deep tone, “I will perish today, but you have killed a member of the Zheng main family’s Nightmare Squad, just for the thunderous revenge from the Zheng main family!”

When Lin Yuan heard Jiao Hanzhong’s words, he felt that it was rather sad for this emperor-class expert. Jiao Hanzhong was already at the emperor-class and possessed Myth Breed feys, but he still felt that the Zheng main family was the eternal support even at his demise.

Lin Yuan said in a cold voice, “If the Zheng main family wants revenge, my Sky City shall accept it.”

Once Lin Yuan finished his statement, a shout came from the horizon. “Who is causing trouble at Indigo Azure City’s sea region!?”

The spatial zone shook intensively, and a crevice was ripped open. The crevice then turned into a door.

Three men walked out of the door.

One of them was wearing Indigo Azure Guards’ azure-colored armor, but it had many additional bright silver patterns that were like waves.

Just based on the bright silver patterns, Lin Yuan could see that this man should be the Indigo Azure Guard Captain. He was the person aside from the Indigo Azure City Lord who had the most authority in Indigo Azure City.

The two other men were wearing Spirit Guard uniforms.

The man in the Indigo Azure Guard armor assessed the situation of the barren island. Once he saw the World Cleansing that was descending from the sky, he frowned slightly and bowed to the two Spirit Guards. “My lords, I hope that you can help this emperor-class expert from the Zheng family to endure this tribulation.”

As the Indigo Azure Guard captain, the middle-aged man had obviously recognized Jiao Hanzhong’s identity. Seeing that Jiao Hanzhong’s Cold Snow Pine was facing the World Cleansing, he quickly asked for help from the two Spirit Guards.

The two Spirit Guards didn’t summon any fey. One of them waved the hand and produced a spatial energy shield to protect the Cold Snow Pine, temporarily helping Cold Snow Pine to isolate the icy snow that was falling.

The other Spirit Guard looked at the sky that was producing the World Cleansing and sent out fire-elemental energy.

The two moves h

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