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Chapter 460: Nightmare VI

The tall and thin man ignored the sudden change in Zheng Jiangliu’s attitude. He seemed to be a little sleepy, so he reached out to cover his mouth and yawn. “I can send someone to do it. I want 60% of the coastal sea resources that the third lineage controls, and you take 40%.”

Upon hearing that, Zheng Jiangliu’s eyes became increasingly gloomy, but he promised very quickly.

“We’ll do as Second Young Master says!”

The tall and thin man chuckled and stood up to pick up the black-and-white sable before saying, “Since Third Uncle is so enlightened, I, Zheng Kaiyuan, am not a stingy person.”

He then clapped his palm twice.

With that, a humanoid figure covered in a cloak suddenly appeared by Zheng Jiangliu’s side, startling Zheng Jiangliu.

Zheng Kaiyuan said, “Nightmare VI, please go with Third Uncle.”

The voice of Nightmare VI, who was clad in a black robe, was unusually hoarse as if he was speaking with a mouthful of sand.

“Yes, Second Young Master.”

After saying that, he hid once again. It was as if he had never appeared before.

Zheng Kaiyuan raised his eyes and looked at Zheng Jiangliu as he stretched.

“Third Uncle, I’ll be waiting for a constant stream of income from your side of the coastal sea. I hope Third Uncle won’t have so many more accidents. What I, Zheng Kaiyuan, hate the most is accidents.”

After saying that, Zheng Kaiyuan left.

After he left, Zheng Jiangliu scanned the space in the house and felt appalled. Zheng Kaiyuan had called the cloak-wearing figure that had just appeared Nightmare VI.

Could he be a member of the Nightmare Squad that the Zheng family had spent half of its resources to nurture to protect its direct descendants?

Rumor had it that the Nightmare Squad had a total of nine members. They all had emperor-class strength, each with superior abilities.

I to III protected the Eldest Young Master, IV to VI, and VII to IX protected the Second Young Master and Third Young Master, respectively.

He didn’t expect that Zheng Kaiyuan would actually use a member of the Nightmare Squad to provide support to the third lineage.

At this moment, Zheng Jiangliu felt greatly settled and didn’t have the slightest worry.

However, at the thought of the extra 10% of coastal sea resources that Zheng Kaiyuan wanted after the development, Zheng Jiangliu felt that his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys all hurt.

Liu Jie, Listen, and Zhou Luo arrived on this deserted island all the way from the sea. When they passed by the sea, they naturally felt its desolation.

Be it Liu Jie, Listen, or Zhou Luo, none of them knew what had happened in the sea that had caused it to be so desolate.

After the Mother of Bloodbath had removed and taken the Sea Burial Lotus Flower out of the water, the Bone Lotus Flowers that spread across the sea bottom had all withered and turned into a dead frost and snow that offered their final elegy

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