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Chapter 461: Do You Understand This Reasoning?

Lin Yuan only saw a giant hawk with a wingspan of nearly 40 meters flying from the shore. It had dark-brown feathers with a sharp metallic sheen. The color of its back feathers was darker, almost black.

Instead, the color of its abdominal feathers was lighter, showing a coffee color. However, the giant hawk’s head had golden plumes that were as sharp as a sword and created the sound of a sword piercing the air in flight.

The sword feathers on both cheeks were erected, with a pair of sharp hawk’s eyes, making this giant hawk with a wingspan of 40 meters look heroic and extraordinary.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check this giant hawk’s attributes.

[Fey Name]: Sword Plume Sea Hawk

[Fey Species]: Long-Feathered Hawk/Sea Hawk

[Fey Grade]: Diamond (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Metal/Wind

[Fey Quality]: Fantasy V

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. It seemed that this Sword Plume Sea Hawk should have reached the barrier of breaking through to Suzerain. It should be long before it broke through.

Looking at the Sword Plume Sea Hawk flying toward him and the others, Lin Yuan knew that what should come finally came.

The Sword Plume Sea Hawk withdrew its wings and landed on the desolate island where everyone was. The gusts of wind caused dozens of Lightning Gathering Moths to be blown hundreds of meters away before they were able to stabilize themselves.

Zhou Luo immediately commanded the Lava Dragon Lizard to go onto the shore and block before Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, and Listen. He fulfilled his duties as a white-clothed follower and also a servant.

An old man and a middle-aged man dressed in half armor jumped down from the outstanding Sword Plume Sea Hawk’s back.

When Lin Yuan saw this old man, an indistinct smile spread across his face.

Wasn’t this old man the same old man with a cedar aura following Young Master Zheng back in the Indigo Azure Sea Market?

He scanned the other middle-aged man wearing half-body armor and thought,Did the Zheng family’s third lineage send two emperor-class experts at once with the intention of attacking me?

How much did they want me to die?

At this moment, the old man with a cedar aura had a straight back and an indifferent expression. His tone was gentle as if he was talking to his own grandson.

“Not bad. All three of you are here. I don’t have to bother with more work.”

After saying that, the old man with a straight back and a cedar aura glanced at the Lava Dragon Lizard that was roaring violently and said with some regret, “A Diamond I/Fantasy I lizard. It’s somewhat weak.”

When Zhou Luo saw the Sword Plume Sea Hawk earlier and sensed its mightiness, he knew that the strength of this group of people was far from his own. However, he looked unwilling to be outdone.

Zhou Luo knew that Lin Yuan had two Myth Breed feys that could take human form hidden in the shadows.

What else was there

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