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Chapter 375: Play You? What Is There to Play?

Lin Yuan logged on Star Web this time to purchase some Gold water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh for Red Thorn.

According to the situation inside the leaf-shaped fey storage box, Lin Yuan’s Master had actually put in enough dimensional lifeforms’ flesh and blood. However, the water world dimensional lifeforms were too few.

When Lin Yuan had received the leaf-shaped fey storage box, there was an almost equal quantity of dimensional lifeforms from the alien insect, abyss, marsh, and subterranean dimensional rifts.

After all, these four dimensional rifts that opened on the land had almost equal quantities in the world too. But if a comparison must be made, alien insect dimensional lifeforms were slightly more in quantity.

However, there were about 300 carcasses of water world dimensional lifeforms in the leaf-shaped fey storage box. Among them, there were over 200 Gold ones, while close to 80 were Platinum.

Furthermore, Red Thorn had already consumed all the Gold water world dimensional lifeforms during this period. At present, there were only those 80 Platinum water world dimensional lifeforms left.

Given Red Thorn’s current grade, it still wasn’t possible for it to digest the flesh of Platinum water world dimensional lifeforms.

If Red Thorn was to consume forcefully, it wouldn’t just waste the Platinum water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh and blood energy, but it would also give a huge burden to Red Thorn’s Mouth of Relinquish.

Therefore, when it came to the remaining 80 Platinum water world dimensional lifeforms, Red Thorn could only watch but couldn’t eat them.

As compared to the four dimensional rifts that opened on land, the water world dimensional rifts would only open in the sea.

The sea had always been a paradise for ocean feys. Human spirit qi professionals were seldom seen even in the coastal waters, let alone water world dimensional rifts that were opened within the sea region.

The water world dimensional rifts’ lifeforms would normally be hunted down by ocean feys quickly. Therefore, a spirit qi professionals had an extremely small chance of finding a water world dimensional rift in the coastal waters.

Once Lin Yuan logged onto Star Web, he checked his Purchase With No Loss store first. He realized that the Purchase With No Loss store’s fan club had new members.

They were probably some spirit qi professionals from some faction or the Creation Masters that had purchased the Flower Brocade Pearls during the blind trades.

Lin Yuan didn’t bother about his store’s fan club.

This time, Lin Yuan displayed another ten Flower Brocade Pearls on his Purchase With No Loss store and still used the blind trade to sell them.

Using the lesson he had learned previously from the blind trade for the Silver flood dragon essence blood, Lin Yuan asked for the same items as the first blind trade. He wanted to trade for strange flames.

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