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Chapter 377: The World of a Literary Youth Is Too Hard to Understand

Big Brother Feng straightforwardly said to Lin Yuan, “Come with me to the storage room and take a look.

“I happen to have a few Gold-Edged Skirtfish. I prepared them for those big hotels. If you have any you fancy, take them away.”

Big Brother Feng suddenly gnashed his teeth.

“Kid, have you heard of Zhao Xiaochun, the one in the Radiance Hundred Sequence with the title Food Hater?”

Lin Yuan felt that Big Brother Feng’s thoughts jumped far.

How come the topic shifted to Zhao Xiaochun?

Although Lin Yuan could not be said to be familiar with Zhao Xiaochun, he had met her with both his identities. Lin Yuan asked, “Big Brother Feng, do you like Zhao Xiaochun a lot?”

When Big Brother Feng thought of her, he gnashed his teeth in hatred. Upon hearing Lin Yuan ask if he liked Zhao Xiaochun, he slapped his thighs fiercely, his emotions out of control.

“What’s Zhao Xiaochun’s stomach made of? She can eat damn much!

“The primary sales channel for my high-grade ingredients is the Royal Capital, but now, most of the restaurants there have gone bankrupt because of Zhao Xiaochun.

“I really don’t know how a glutton can be called Food Hater!

“She’s obviously more like Critical Needle Girl. I’ve seen Zhao Xiaochun’s competitions several times. I really can’t see how such a thin little girl can put so many restaurants to bankruptcy.”

Big Brother Feng became a chatterbox at the mention of Zhao Xiaochun. Lin Yuan did not know how to comfort him. It was like how he did not know Shi Xu at the controlled Class 3 abyss dimensional rift.

Compared to what Big Brother Feng had said, it was obvious that Shi Xu was in a more terrible situation.

After thinking for a while, Lin Yuan said, “Zhao Xiaochun’s title is Food Hater. Maybe Food Hater means to wipe out all the food so that there is no more food.”

Lin Yuan’s words caused Big Brother Feng to choke and cough before a mouthful of air could come up.

Big Brother Feng told himself silently,Others are angry, but I’m not. There’s nobody to replace me if I get sick from the anger. I still have a store to run.

Big Brother Feng was thinking that he must quickly sell the Gold-Edged Skirtfish to this kid and let him get lost right away.

This kid’s words sounded more infuriating than Zhao Xiaochun causing the restaurants to go bankrupt!

Lin Yuan followed Big Brother Feng to the storage room, where the rare ingredients were stored. He found that Big Brother Feng really had a lot of good stuff!

Although there were no rare Platinum ingredients, there were many Gold ingredients.

Lin Yuan felt that these Gold ingredients were of good quality, so he made up his mind to buy some more.

Due to the mansion’s two big eaters, Endless Summer and the Mother of Bloodbath, Liu Jie had to buy a lot of food back every day. It was better to make a big purchase from Big Brother Feng and then st

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