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Chapter 370: What About a Cinerary Urn?

This was not Mystic Moon’s first time coming to Lin Yuan’s mansion. Although Mystic Moon would not come every other day, he would come once every half a month, so it had long been like a walk in a park.

However, since Hu Quan would be sleeping during the day and working hard at night, and Mystic Moon mostly came in the morning, this was the first time that Hu Quan saw him in person.

The two envoys of the Radiant Moon Palace, Cold Moon, and Mystic Moon were prestigious. Envoy Cold Moon handled external affairs, while Envoy Mystic Moon handled internal affairs. Therefore, they were very famous.

But to Envoy Mystic Moon, those with strength and status knew very few, but those top factions of the Radiance Federation were qualified to know about it. Hence, Hu Quan did not recognize Mystic Moon’s identity.

However, when Hu Quan saw him dressed in a silver robe, he seemed to have vaguely recalled a rumor inside his head that he could not quite remember.

Listen had figured out the close relationship between Mystic Moon and Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan called Hu Quan Uncle Hu before, mainly because of Hu Quan’s age. It was a polite way to address him.

But when Lin Yuan called this silver-robed man Uncle Mystic, it was also a kind of an uncle on a kin level even if there was no blood relationship between them. Otherwise, this silver-robed man would not have brought something to Lin Yuan on his master’s behalf.

Lin Yuan hurriedly picked up a teacup and poured a cup of Three Treasures Tea for Mystic Moon before giving it to him and saying, “Uncle Mystic, have a cup of tea.”

Mystic Moon took the teacup, and after just one sniff, he said in a clear voice, “Little Yuan, this Three Treasures Tea with plums smells good!”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan chuckled and replied, “Wen Yu brewed this. The plums that Uncle Mystic sent over last time were also added inside.”

When Mystic Moon heard that Wen Yu had brewed it, he said, “When you went to training, Wen Yu and Cai Cha learned a few days of the tea ceremony. I heard from Cai Cha that Wen Yu learned quite well.”

Mystic Moon’s words contained his appreciation for Wen Yu, and he clearly had great expectations of her.

As the Moon Envoy of the Radiant Moon Palace on the Leaning Moon Mountain, Mystic Moon was the Moon Empress’ envoy. It was not too much to say that he was the Radiant Moon Palace’s chief steward.

Wen Yu had been just a spirit attendant in the Radiant Moon Palace, so Mystic Moon had not paid attention to her.

Ever since Lin Yuan had chosen Wen Yu as his assistant, she had then appeared in Mystic Moon’s sight, and he also had contact with Wen Yu.

At first, Mystic Moon was in favor of sending two spirit attendants to Lin Yuan as assistants. Since Wen Yu had independently completed the mansion’s construction very well, Mystic Moon had seen her strong capability of doing things, which put off his intention to tell L

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