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Chapter 378: Curiosity Killed Lin Yuan

Gao Feng wanted to stroll at the beach because he was in a bad mood. Otherwise, it would be better to stay at home in winter. Why would he need to come out to be blown by the knife-like sea wind in early winter?

Upon hearing Lin Yuan ask himself that question, Gao Feng felt a warmth in his heart. At the same time, he was somewhat surprised.

When he went out, his father had told him not to have too much fun outside for too long and had not heard the fatigue in his voice. However, Lin Yuan could immediately hear the tiredness in his voice over the phone.

Gao Feng knew that even if Lin Yuan was meticulous and could immediately hear the exhaustion in his voice if he did not consider himself a friend, he would have never asked him what happened.

Gao Feng felt touched and sighed before replying, “Brother, you don’t know those Class 5 Spirit Craftsmen are really too hard to hire. If I use Class 4 Spirit Craftsmen, I’m worried that the four pieces of completely jade-textured supreme-grade green elm will go to waste.”

After Gao Feng finished, he thought that he would use the Gao family to invite the Class 5 Spirit Craftsmen if it still did not work out.

During this period, Gao Feng had been thinking of giving a gift to his grandfather, so he had not used the Gao family’s status. Instead, he had been using his accumulated interpersonal relationships in planning this matter.

But he now found that without the Gao family, he could not hire a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman with his own strength alone.

When Lin Yuan heard that, he raised his eyebrows slightly. Lin Yuan had thought that it was because of those four completely jade-textured green elm boards.

It had been a month since he had traded that with Gao Feng, yet Gao Feng actually had not yet started making objects with the four completely jade-textured green elm boards.

Hu Quan had now become a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman and could totally help Gao Feng. Thus, Lin Yuan said, “If you can’t find a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman at your side, I have one here.

“Send me the blueprint of the object you want to make and the four completely jade-textured green elm boards to me if you need to.”

As soon as Gao Feng heard Lin Yuan’s words, he immediately felt his gloominess go away. He finally found the early winter sea wind was too cold!

I’m a weak, pure support-type spirit qi professional!

Why should I be trampled by the sea wind here!

At the same time, Lin Yuan meant much more in Gao Feng’s heart.

Even if Gao Feng’s other friends could find a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman, they would never offer to help. No one would be willing to owe a favor to a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman for someone else.

“Brother, thank you so much. I’ll mail it to you when I get home later.”

When Lin Yuan heard that Gao Feng was fine and sounded much more relaxed, he told him the purpose of his call, “Gao Feng, do you know where to get the flesh

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