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Chapter 371: Don’t Learn to Be Unsophisticated!

In Mystic Moon’s opinion, as the Moon Empress’ disciple, Lin Yuan must have at least nine feys pulling the fey carriage. If Lin Yuan loved having more feys, having 12 of them would not be too much.

Although using more flying feys to pull the carriage would not speed up its flying speed, if these feys had defense abilities, the more feys there were, the more they could protect the carriage’s safety.

Mystic Moon looked at the expression on Hu Quan’s face and found that Hu Quan was quite serious at this time.

Mystic Moon cleared his throat and asked again, “Then how many species of feys do you think are more suitable to pull the carriage?”

Mystic Moon’s words made Hu Quan interested. He replied without thinking, “If you want to show the grandeur, it is natural that the higher and rarer the feys pulling the carriage, the better it is. There’s not so much attention on the species of feys.”

Upon hearing Hu Quan say that, Mystic Moon lost the idea of communicating with him further. If he wanted to show the foundation of the feys pulling the carriage, he had to let them look uniform when they were flying.

Otherwise, if there were different species of flying feys pulling the carriage, wouldn’t that become a killjoy meeting and messy?

Therefore, it would be best to have only one kind of fey pulling the carriage.

That way, he could ensure the same-species feys’ flying speed. Also, high-grade feys of the same species would not have any conflicts while flying.

The fey carriage’s owner couldn’t contract all the feys pulling it. Since they were not contracted feys, there would be much weaker control over them.

If two species of feys were natural enemies and had conflicts while flying—although they were feys Creation Masters trained and would not cause any serious consequences—it would be a very troublesome matter to appease the feys’ friction.

If rare feys pulled the carriage, it could show the grandeur. If a high-grade softshell turtle fey that knew how to fly was combined with a high-grade snake fey that knew how to fly, wouldn’t it be like the Black Tortoise in the sky and telling people they should rate your fey carriage 10 points?

This was simply too unsophisticated!

After listening to Hu Quan’s words, Mystic Moon was even firmer about telling the Moon Empress that Lin Yuan did not have suitable flying feys for his fey carriage.

At the same time, he was also a little worried.

Would Lin Yuan become unsophisticated by being with this Class 5 Spirit Craftsman?

It was really a question worth pondering!

Hu Quan was still caught up in the beautiful thought of wanting to build a fey carriage, but he did not know that Mystic Moon had labeled him as unsophisticated.

In fact, Hu Quan would have cried foul if he learned about it. Hu Quan was born at the grassroots level. He had dared to say that he would build the fey carriage’s main body wit

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