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Chapter 380: Ethereal Jellyfish and the White-Clothed Followers

Lin Yuan discovered that the light-green spirit fluid in this bottle contained an extremely high concentration of spirit qi. However, in comparison, it was still a little lesser than in his Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Although the spirit qi in this bottle of light-green spirit fluid was not as concentrated as the one in his Spirit Lock spatial zone, its majestic medicinal properties were something that Lin Yuan could never get, no matter what.

The majestic medicinal properties floated out of the bottle and made Lin Yuan feel as if the space before him was torn and distorted by the medicinal properties in the bottle containing spatial energy.

The medicinal properties that contained spatial energy should be the result of the addition of Hollow Crystal Shellfish shell powder to this spirit fluid.

The Hollow Crystal Shellfish was a big name in the Radiance Federation. Such feys was the reason why Ostrich Logistics could deliver goods within three hours, no matter where they were.

The Hollow Crystal Shellfish were claimed by the Ostrich Logistics to be cultivated by themselves. It was considered one of Ostrich Logistics’ core feys.

At the same time, Ostrich Logistics was extremely strict with their own cultivated Hollow Crystal Shellfish. They simply would not allow the Hollow Crystal Shellfish to circulate outside.

Lin Yuan wanted Ostrich Logistics’ Hollow Crystal Shellfish, but he had no way to obtain it.

The shell powder of Ostrich Logistics’ treasure had been added to this bottle of light-green spirit fluid.

Given Ostrich Logistics’ control of the Hollow Crystal Shellfish, only an expert of such a level like his Master, the Moon Empress, would probably be able to get the Hollow Crystal Shellfish’s shells from a semi-official power like Ostrich Logistics.

Lin Yuan glanced at the third item in the beeswax box. It was the spatial source-type item that the Moon Empress had mentioned.

The Radiance Federation had announced hundreds of source-type items, but none of them were spatial source-type items. However, this did not mean that spatial source-type items did not exist.

On the contrary, spatial source-type items were fought over by the major factions whenever they appeared, as they had always been the rarest existence among all source-type items.

At the same time, there were quite a few types of spatial source-type items. Some were good at combat, some were good at defense, and some had special functionalities.

Even some factions had compared one type of spatial source-type item with the Island Whale and raised it to the point of it being a strategic treasure.

Such special spatial source-type items were akin to obtaining the qualification of spatial teleportation. This spatial source-type item in front of Lin Yuan could perform spatial teleportation.

It could be said that although spatial source-type items that could pe

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