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Chapter 374: Red Thorn’s Underwater Domain

When Red Thorn was showing its superiority, Lin Yuan had to constantly give encouragement and acknowledgment. This would allow Red Thorn to have more drive when learning how to talk in the future.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s praises, Red Thorn’s 12 large flowers extended from 1 meter to 1.2 meter due to its joy.

As Lin Yuan sensed Red Thorn’s happy emotions, he said, “Red Thorn, learn how to read from me, okay?

“If you learn how to read, you will be able to converse with me like how Genius converses with me.”

Red Thorn’s 12 large flowers actually shivered for a moment. This was obviously Red Thorn using its own methods to show that it had accepted Lin Yuan’s proposal and was rather interested.

Lin Yuan praised Red Thorn again.

When Red Thorn showed its willingness to learn, it was important to give timely acknowledgment.

At that moment, Genius jumped out from Lin Yuan’s embrace onto one of the large flowers and said, “Red Thorn, I can teach you how to read every day too.”

Red Thorn and Genius had an extremely great relationship. When Red Thorn heard Genius’ statement, it turned its body and used the massive flower to play with Genius.

Morbius suddenly spoke in Lin Yuan’s mind. “Yuan, the spirit qi crystal is ineffective toward Red Thorn. If Red Thorn can grow well, then we will be able to explore the sea region, obtaining some rare resources from the sea.”

Lin Yuan could feel that Red Thorn already had the strength of a Silver/Fantasy fey. He said, “I have to experiment if Red Thorn’s ramets are able to survive underwater. If they can survive, it is possible to explore the shallow sea region.”

Subsequently, Lin Yuan carried Genius off the massive flower and placed it on the sofa before saying, “Genius, wait here for me. Once I return, I will bring you upstairs to sleep.”

Genius let out a meow and used its little head to rub on Lin Yuan’s hand. Lin Yuan used his hand to knead on Genius’ head before he withdrew Red Thorn back into the Diamond grade fey storage box.

After exiting the mansion, Lin Yuan walked toward the man-made lake within the mansion garden.

As he was walking toward the man-made lake, he took a small piece of completely jade-textured wood out of the Diamond grade fey storage box. The completely jade-textured wood was emitting a gentle glow on Lin Yuan’s hand.

It immediately illuminated everything within three meters from Lin Yuan. The glow was very gentle and made it very comfortable.

As the light emitted from the completely jade-textured wood blended with the bright moonlight, it gave the early winter’s moonlight a refreshing feeling.

The mansion’s man-made lake was five meters in depth. Wen Yu nurtured plenty of decorative aquatic feys on the surface of the man-made lake. Schools of fish in various colors were all swimming around in the man-made lake.

Lin Yuan walked in front of the man-made lake and summoned Red Thorn

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