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Chapter 381: Making a Move on the Ethereal Jellyfish

Just as Lin Yuan was preparing to form a contract with the Ethereal Jellyfish and was holding up the bottle that contained the light green spirit fluid, he suddenly realized the difficulty when forming the contract.

This spirit fluid contained highly concentrated spirit qi and was fused with spatial energy. To a certain extent, it was already a monopoly skill of Class 5 Creation Masters. Only Class 5 Creation Masters were able to concoct a spirit fluid with such spirit qi concentration.

A pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master might be able to use the Hollow Crystal Shellfish’s powder to fuse with the spirit fluid perfectly and release the spatial energy from the Hollow Crystal Shellfish. However, it still wasn’t possible to achieve the spirit qi concentration in this bottle of light green spirit fluid.

It also meant to say that this Ethereal Jellyfish could only be contracted with the help of a Class 5 Creation Master.

The individual requirement to form a contract with the Ethereal Jellyfish wasn’t too demanding. However, the sub-requirements were extremely demanding.

Firstly, one would need to find a Class 5 Creation Master, and that Class 5 Creation Master had to be willing to help.

This was an era where even a Class 4 Creation Master was extremely hard to find.

It was imaginable that even if a faction found this strategic-class treasure, the Ethereal Jellyfish, and wanted to use it to expand their faction rapidly, they could only watch and couldn’t do anything to form a contract with it.

It wasn’t only the case. The Ethereal Jellyfish had an extraordinary trait. After successfully forming a contract with it, the evolution path was rather similar to the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee.

Once the Ethereal Jellyfish was contracted, it wouldn’t be able to fuse with the contractor’s comprehended Willpower Rune. It could only wait until its grade was at Diamond X/Legend before it could comprehend a Willpower Rune by itself to become a Fantasy Breed.

In other words, if the Ethereal Jellyfish wanted to become a Fantasy Breed, it wouldn’t be any different than a wild fey.

Actually, the Ethereal Jellyfish’s circumstances weren’t disadvantageous for Lin Yuan. It was actually a great advantage.

As Lin Yuan contracted more feys, even with his comprehension ability, he still wouldn’t be able to comprehend Willpower Runes faster than the speed of him contracting feys and source-type lifeforms.

At present, Genius, Blackie, the Spirit-Drawing Ichthyosaur, and the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly had yet to find a suitable Willpower Rune.

If the Ethereal Jellyfish didn’t need to fuse with Lin Yuan’s comprehended Willpower Rune, it would greatly reduce Lin Yuan’s pressure to comprehend Willpower Runes.

It might be challenging for feys and source-type lifeforms to comprehend Willpower Runes on their own, but if the fey or source-type lifeform’s quality could be u

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