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Chapter 355: Why Thank Him?

Liu Jie was not a Creation Master, so he could not fully understand the source-type Cocoon of Evolution’s function.

Nonetheless, Liu Jie was ultimately an experienced spirit qi professional and could feel whether he could use it or not when he obtained a source-type item.

Lin Yuan watched as Liu Jie looked up with surprise in his eyes. His hand holding the Cocoon of Evolution was trembling slightly because of the great joy. Lin Yuan then explained to Liu Jie the use of the source-type Cocoon of Evolution.

Liu Jie heard this youth with a bright smile in front of him say, “Big Brother Liu, this Cocoon of Evolution is not for you to contract. It’s for the Insect Queen to contract and parasitize.

“At that time, the Insect Queen just needs to supply it the nutrients to improve its grade and quality. Every time the Cocoon of Evolution’s grade is increased, the Insect Queen’s ability can be enhanced once.”

Liu Jie had long known that he could not contract feys or source-type items after contracting the Insect Queen. However, when he got this source-type Cocoon of Evolution, he unexpectedly found that he could contract it.

This was akin to giving Liu Jie another path to tread through, regardless of whether the source-type item in his hand was very suitable for him.

However, Liu Jie’s situation made him unqualified to say that he would rather go without something than having something shoddy.

When he heard the smiling youth’s words, Liu Jie felt a bright firework explode in his mind, creating the most beautiful floating life scroll.

No one in this world knew himself and the Insect Queen better than Liu Jie. Therefore, he was well aware of what Lin Yuan meant and what this Cocoon of Evolution in his hands signified.

Not only did it mean that the Insect Queen could become stronger, but he could also follow the path he had chosen before.

The corners of Liu Jie’s eyes suddenly moistened, and a drop of hot tear diffused without a trace on the wing of his nose, as if it had never been there.

He had never shed a tear during the three years of silence and despair. If there was anything in this world that could make Liu Jie cry, it must be tears of joy.

Liu Jie’s eyes were full of gratitude, but he did not say words of thanks like before.

When he had been in desperate straits, this youth had lit up the light and saved the Insect Queen and him when they were in imminent danger.

When he had been enhancing feys, this youth had ignited the torch and given him a chance. He would not make the same mistake twice.

When he had denied himself for the first time and tried to find a way out on the path he had discarded, this youth had raised the sun and lit up the path that he could not cross so that he could firmly follow his own choice and go on.

For the grace of giving him a new lease of life twice, any kind of gratitude would seem hypocritical. Thus, Liu Jie did not say

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