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Chapter 364: Genius, Go Bring In the Guest

Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up when he heard Liu Jie’s words.

“Big Brother Liu, since you’re going to the Guild Alliance to apply for the guild club’s establishment today, I’ll have Uncle Hu find someone to build the guild club’s base on the vacant land behind the mansion in a couple of days.”

In a few days, Lin Yuan would give the Bronze X/Legend Wood Weaving House Centipede for Hu Quan to contract. At that time, he could become a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman.

Although Hu Quan was at the standard of a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman now, it was completely different from being a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman recognized by the Radiance Federation.

When he became a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman, one of the top lifestyle-class spirit qi professionals in the Radiance Federation, he would naturally come into contact with other Class 5 lifestyle-class spirit qi professionals.

At that time, it would be akin to Hu Quan roping in the resources of a group of Class 5 Spirit qi professionals for Lin Yuan.

With Hu Quan, a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman, around, if Lin Yuan wanted to find these Class 5 lifestyle-class spirit qi professionals afterward, it would also be much more convenient.

Liu Jie looked at Lin Yuan and said seriously, “Young Master, what’s the name of our guild club?”

Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard how Liu Jie had addressed him.

Although Liu Jie usually called him by his name because of his previous request, Liu Jie would always address Lin Yuan as Young Master when it came to the critical moment.

Lin Yuan had not really thought of the guild club’s name. However, since he was going to establish a guild club and take part in the Guild Alliance’s S Tournament, the goal of the guild club was bound to be the champion.

In that case, it had to ‘not worry about the floating clouds blocking the view, for where I stand is at the highest peak of the mountain’.

The highest level of the sky was the dome.

“The top of the sky is considered the highest, so our guild club’s name will be called Dome.”

When Liu Jie heard Lin Yuan say ‘Dome’, it was as if he felt a magnificent corner of Lin Yuan’s heart. This alone had let Liu Jie be full of pride.

He could not help but say in his heart,The top of the sky! The top of the sky! The top of the sky!

This was such an awe-inspiring heroic spirit!

After leaving Lin Yuan’s room, Liu Jie clenched his hands tightly into fists for a long while.

After Liu Jie left, Lin Yuan looked into the mirror and touched the back of his head, feeling a little confused.

Growing taller was a happy thing!

He had obviously grown a centimeter taller but could not see it, so he felt terrible.

As for the Diamond Protein Silkworm Chrysalises, the easiest way for him to get them was to spend a huge amount of Radiance dollars and purchase them on the market.

The items that could be bought on the market were not considered

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