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Chapter 356: Lin Yuan’s Private Faction Equals ‘Country Bumpkin‘?

Such a sense of superiority also existed when the difference between each other was not huge. If the difference was too great, this sense of superiority would change into a sense of distance.

Factions that were not on the same level were worlds apart in terms of their energy and the resources they possessed.

This was why those rising factions without foundation had not been able to gain the veteran factions’ recognition.

The veteran factions could not even bother to despise them. It could be said that Lin Yuan had done nothing after establishing his private Star Web faction territory.

Since he had not used the second right after establishing the private territory, his faction had become a ‘country bumpkin’ in the eyes of those rising factions without foundation.

However, this also allowed his private faction to gain a lot of attention that was filled with contempt and curiosity.

These rising factions without foundation were unaware a pot of Bronze/Legend Oath Lily of the Valley, which they would not even dare to think about, was placed in the ‘country bumpkin’ they could not enter.

Lin Yuan was unaware that his Star Web faction territory had been labeled as a ‘country bumpkin’. Even if he knew about it, he would only feel amused.

When he logged onto Star Web as Black, he saw a message from Tian Ningning.

Tian Ningning: “Black, I heard that the Celestial Stairway is going to add a new kind of Celestial 1-Star duel format, but I’m not sure what kind it is.”

Lin Yuan could not help but raise his eyebrows when he saw Tian Ningning’s message.

Based on what Liu Jie had said just now, the new 2v2 duels on the Celestial Stairway was a piece of news that circulated at the Radiance Sacred Hall.

Although this was not a piece of confidential news, only a few hours had passed since Liu Jie had learned about it. Tian Ningning had already heard of the news, even though it was not comprehensive enough.

However, Tian Ningning’s identity as a Star Web special columnist allowed her to get some of the latest news very conveniently.

According to the timing now, Tian Ningning must have told him immediately after hearing the news. This made Lin Yuan sigh. Having an exclusive reporter on Star Web was really a very convenient thing.

Ever since Tian Ningning had become Lin Yuan’s exclusive reporter, the only thing he needed to do was to leave everything on Star Web to Tian Ningning,

His duel video had been recorded in Star Web’s video library when he had ascended to the Celestial Stairway. Tian Ningning had helped Lin Yuan handle various matters regarding the proceeds of the duel video, which had saved him a lot of trouble.

Lin Yuan replied to Tian Ningning.

Black: “I know. I’m going to have a Celestial Stairway duel. Do you want to watch it from a first-person perspective?”

When Tian Ningning saw Lin Yuan’s reply, she

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