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Chapter 348: Endless Summer’s New World

In another two days, Liu Jie would be able to return to the mansion from the Radiance Sacred Hall. How would he be ranked in the Radiance Hundred Sequence after his three-year absence?

When Liu Jie returned, Lin Yuan would give him the source-type Cocoon of Evolution to celebrate his return to the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

After dinner, Lin Yuan thought there was nothing to do, so he went to Star Web to buy his faction territory.

During the day, Endless Summer and the Mother of Bloodbath had applied for Star Web Cards and could log onto Star Web at any time.

Lin Yuan then agreed to meet Endless Summer at the Star Web Center later.

He first logged onto his Purchase With No Loss store and found that Listen had returned to his previous self in his store’s fan club.

Listen, who had not been interacting in the group for nearly a month, seemed to have become the crowd’s focus in just a few hours.

No matter what the topic was, the ‘center of the typhoon eye’ was always Listen.

Even the eight Class 3 Creation Masters and two Class 4 Creation Masters that had joined the group afterward would also occasionally strike up a conversation with Listen.

Lin Yuan could not help but sigh at Listen’s amazing diplomatic ability. When different people spoke the same thing, some people would seem righteous, while some people would make people think the wrong way. Listen’s ability would be terrifying if used properly.

Besides letting Listen come to the Royal Capital to discuss in person and determine the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s value, Lin Yuan also appreciated Listen.

Compared to the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce, Lin Yuan felt that Listen might have a greater role in his faction.

Indigo Azure City was not far from the Royal Capital. If he was fast, he would be able to reach the Royal Capital in three days.

Whether or not Lin Yuan helped the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce get through the difficult time or pulled Listen to his faction would have to wait until they met before making a decision.

If Lin Yuan controlled the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce and allowed Listen to continue managing it, he would certainly inject a lot of resources into the chamber of commerce.

Although Lin Yuan had a good impression of Listen, the Willpower Rune oath was still the most trustworthy.

If Lin Yuan could not control those small puzzles hidden in the shadows under his faction, he felt that he should abandon these small puzzles. He first put up 10 Flower Brocade Pearls in his Purchase With No Loss store.

After displaying them, he still intended to use the blind trade method. The mid-grade strange flames that he had exchanged last time could still be used for some time.

Therefore, the target for this time’s blind trade would be the Silver flood dragon essence blood. He could certainly exchange for it with the Flower Brocade Pearls, but he w

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