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Lin Yuan did not need to think too much about the choice of his faction’s territory on Star Web. This was because every faction could be directly teleported, just like when he went to the Radiance Sacred Altar.

This was also the reason Star Web was more convenient than in the real world. Establishing a faction on Star Web and buying a piece of territory to build a faction cost 50,000,000 Radiance dollars.

Due to how expensive it was, many rising factions without sufficient resources did not build a faction territory on Star Web, even if they knew it was convenient to do so.

In fact, some rising factions could take out 50,000,000 Radiance dollars.

Although these current assets would have a certain impact on his faction’s development, the 50,000,000 Radiance dollars’ effect was negligible compared to the convenience of building a faction territory on Star Web.

These rising factions did not build their factions on Star Web because they did not have money to do so.

It was better not to enjoy the convenience of building a faction on Star Web when one’s foundation was lacking instead of other rising and veteran factions with some foundation laughing at you.

Dignity was sometimes the most important thing for a faction.

It wasn’t difficult for Lin Yuan to come up with 50,000,000 Radiance dollars. His Purchase With No Loss store’s accumulated wealth was almost enough to purchase the faction territory. He also had the Diamond fey storage box filled with Radiance dollars, the pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master Cheng Wu had contributed.

In fact, Lin Yuan had spent most of those Radiance dollars building the mansion and buying various spiritual ingredients during that period.

It was not cheap to purchase a Diamond fey storage box of mid-grade energy ores. The key was that the mid-grade energy ores in the Diamond fey storage box were simply too many.

At that time, in order to help Lin Yuan get enough mid-grade energy ores, Zhou Jiaxin had requested to pick up the goods from the chamber of commerce that supplied her. This had consumed 1/3 of the chamber of commerce’s mid-grade energy ore reserves.

Due to Zhou Jiaxin’s purchasing power, the chamber of commerce had ranked her store from a third-tier customer to a major one.

Lin Yuan had mainly been exchanging and collecting resources, rather than using his resources to exchange for Radiance dollars. This had caused Lin Yuan’s main source of Radiance dollars to come from his Purchase With No Loss store.

Based on his current way of spending money, it would not be long before his Star Web store’s and Cheng Wu’s Radiance dollars would all be gone. However, Lin Yuan was not worried about this at all.

After building the Star Web faction territory, as long as Lin Yuan sent out the Fate Letters, king-class experts with Willpower Runes or major factions would be fighting to contribute their Radiance dollars for the 1% chance of obtaining the Angel Letter.


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