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It could even lead to some cooperation during the exchange. It could be said that with such a right alone, one could not even achieve a similar outcome by forking 50,00,000 Radiance dollars in reality at some point.

The second right was that before his faction territory was officially established, he could block his territory from outsiders.

In fact, outsiders could not enter a Star Web faction territory without the owner’s permission. However, they were usually free to visit its external part.

This second right was entirely to ensure some rising factions’ dignity without a sufficient foundation that had just built their Star Web faction territory.

The third right was the most useful one for Lin Yuan. This was because he could issue a message to all the Star Web-established factions.

The third right was unlike the first one, which was to increase contacts with other factions while showing one’s faction’s depth.

Instead, it was to announce his faction’s development direction to all other factions.

If the first right was to manifest the faction’s foundation, then the third right was to manifest his faction’s role.

Due to the different development directions, each faction had completely different roles. Some private factions were composed of experts who could be hired to complete tasks in exchange for resources.

Factions mainly sold rare spiritual ingredients, searched the world for rare feys, or relied on selling information to obtain resources.

Different factions played different roles, and Lin Yuan could use the third right after establishing his private Star Web faction territory to declare his faction’s role to other factions.

The role derived from Lin Yuan’s faction’s development direction was to customize Bronze/Epic feys that perfectly matched the spirit qi professionals’ different Willpower Runes.

Lin Yuan only intended to use the third right, as it was enough to highlight his private faction’s vainglorious name.

At that moment, the middle-aged woman with ear-length hair said, “These three rights must be used carefully. Except for the second one, the first and third one can only be used once.

“After using them, you can’t buy the rights even if you spend another 50,000,000 Radiance dollars.”

She spoke very seriously, and Lin Yuan nodded and expressed his gratitude.

After this middle-aged woman left, he teleported to his private faction territory. Lin Yuan found that his private faction territory was built exactly like a B-level guild club.

The outside environment was done with extremely simple greenery and was planted with some flowers and plants, which was rather elegant. The interior was like a standard house.

The shape of this house could not be changed, but he could freely change the private faction space.

After entering the house, Lin Yuan found that the interior area was nearly 2,000 square meters in size. Only a long table was placed in such a large area wit

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